The Eyes Of A Fetch 401-420

The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 420) Small Notebook

Crispin tips his head down and looks up at Marcus with his eyes as he pulls a small notebook from his jacket. His actions are theatrical, as if he were a magician offering up a trick. The book he holds is very thin and looks relatively new. Marcus recognizes it immediately. Crispin flips to the opening page displaying the words, Last Testament, signed with Arrosa Valente’s signature. He presses it up against the glass for them to read while he looks to the side not at all interested in their reactions.

“What?” questions Destry as she reads the words and then glances at Marcus.

“I found that book in your Grandmother’s library. It was stuck in an old photo album,” states Marcus almost in a whisper. “Then I ended up on the floor with a crack to my head.” He says loudly as his eyes grow narrow while looking back at Crispin. “What are you up to?” Marcus asks, Crispin turns and looks him in the eye.

“Don’t throw out the dirty water until you have the clean water in. I promise you, I am here as a friend.” States Crispin as he pulls the book away from the glass door. He holds it down to his side as he stands there waiting to enter.

Man teacher reading holding old book thinking

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 419) Steps Up

A few blocks away at the art shop, Destry and Marcus are working on their plans for the future.

“Marcus, do you know where you put the to-do-list we were marking off?” Destry asks as she leans over the railing of the loft. “Yeah, it’s right here on the counter.” He says as he looks up at her. “Great, I’ll come down and get it.” She replies.

As Marcus watches her step back from the rail and out of view, there is a knock at the door. Looking up he does not see anyone there, which of course he finds peculiar. He steps around the counter and walks toward the door. Peering out it does not appear anyone is there until Crispin steps up closer to the glass.

“Shit!” says Marcus as he jumps back. “What do you want?” He asks through the large pane of glass as he looks out at Crispin.

“I’d like to come in and discuss something with you.” Crispin replies in a calm manner. He can tell Marcus is very uncertain about letting him in. “I promise you, this is with only the very best of intentions.”

“No,” says Destry as she steps up taking her place next to Marcus. Looking through the door, she stares at Crispin with hatred and the lock on the door remains bolted.

Excerpt 419

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 418) Lunacy

Marnie gets down on the floor and crawls like a dog on all fours. She positions herself directly in front of Lyla’s face and just stares at her. Her breath is as foul as ever and she is breathing heavy from her actions, which makes it far worse. “What? Do you have something to say?” says Marnie as she laughs. “An apology would be nice, but you know. . . never mind, it won’t do much for you now that we are already too far down the road.”

“Marnie, please. . .” starts Lyla.

“Once Crisp love hears of your death he’ll need to be comforted and who is better at caring for others, than me?” Marnie says as she stands up and once again watches herself in the reflection of the window. This only proves how far gone Marnie really is. She is dancing around, watching her movements in the dark glass, concerned only for her own self. She is number one in her book and no other names exist. She watches herself as she pulls her hair up with both hands then lets it drop as she shakes it out and fluffs it with her fingers.

“Marnie, think about what you are doing. Please.” pleads Lyla as she watches her friend slip further and further into lunacy.

“Please, please, please!” yells Marnie in an angry tone as she stares at the ceiling, grins, then turns to look at Lyla.

Excerpt 418

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 417) Warped

“Marnie, I want to help you, please don’t do this.” Says Lyla as she discreetly picks at the rope binding her hands.

“Nope, not going to happen. You are wrong again, Lyla. Oh my, this is just not your night, is it?” Marnie strikes the match and quickly touches it to the paper and the fire takes.

Flames shoot up between the strips of wood, popping and crackling as the paper burns away. Lyla now becomes a little more desperate as she works at freeing herself but she cannot get the ropes loose enough to break away from the pipe. She watches as Marnie tips the stained glass lantern over dumping the fluid out around the door and windows. The strong scent of kerosene burns at her nose as Marnie sets it down on the floor next to Lyla’s feet.

In a quick flash Lyla sees herself holding the lantern as she walks down a smoke-filled hall. She has witnessed this scene repeatedly in her reoccurring nightmares and now knows the visions were premonitions of what was to come. Somehow, she has to get free before Marnie kills them both.

“See Lyla? This is where you fall and hit your poor little head. You dope!” Marnie kicks the lamp over spilling the last of the fluid next to Lyla’s legs. Pulling back quickly to keep from being soaked, Lyla watches Marnie’s warped performance.

“Then the whole place goes up in flames. Poof!” Marnie says as she flicks her hands in the air mimicking an explosion.

Excerpt 417

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 416) As It Lights

“Marnie you know better than that, I would never. . .” starts Lyla but Marnie interrupts her before she can finish.

“Shut up!” Marnie yells in a screaming tone. “Just shut up! This is all going to end, I am sick of Crisp protecting you and now that he is gone, I’m in control! I’m the one calling the shots and making the decisions!”

“How do you know that Crispin is away? Why do you know so much about what is happening here in my house?” Lyla asks.

“I’ve been watching and he’s been coming and going, a lot. His attention probably makes you feel pretty special, doesn’t it?” Marnie questions as she strikes the match, it hisses as it lights. “But now he’s made the mistake of leaving you all alone and that’s when you have this horrible accident. Ouch!” yells Marnie as the match she had in her hand burns her fingers. She flings it into the fireplace where it lands in the cold ashes. Taking another match out, she holds it between her fingers like a cigarette.

Excerpt 416

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 415) Your Fault

“Oh sure, now you act like you needed my help or something.” Marnie runs her hands through her hair twisting and tugging at it as she glances up at the wood trim near the ceiling. “Hum, I never noticed how pretty the wood trim is in this room, it is really nice.” She spins around as she follows the line of the wall then returns to  her original thought.

“You just bossed me around so I would look inferior and your trick worked because Crisp was treating me different.” Marnie stands up and walks over to the window to use it as a mirror. She tips and turns looking at her hair and fluffing it up with her hands. “Penny was probably fine all along and you had me on some wild goose chase!” She stops and turns as she glares at Lyla for a few seconds.

“Penny is dead now. . . and that is your fault!” She says coldly as she points at Lyla. “You might as well have killed her with your own hands.” She stomps over as if she is going to kick her and Lyla tips her head trying to protect herself the best she can. Thankfully, Marnie stops short.

Excerpt 415

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 414) Because Of You

“Everybody thought you and Crispin were so great together. They made comments about what a nice looking couple you two were.” Marnie continues to crumple paper stacking an excessive amount of it up on the fire grate. “He was so mean to me, did you know that? Did you know he yelled at me and called me names?” Marnie asks.

“No, I didn’t.” replies Lyla as she tries to work at loosening the rope.

“Oh my yes, he said horrible things to me and his words really hurt my feelings.” She yells. “Who is he to do that? Then I figured it out, it was because of you. You were the reason he was so mean to me.” Marnie says as she lays thin pieces of wood along the top of the many layers of paper. “I am always everyone’s favorite and I expect to be the center of attention, but that night was different. You were bossing me around, telling me to find Penny.” Marnie slams a piece of wood down on the hearth of the fireplace.

“Yes, because we were worried about her, I needed your help.” Replies Lyla firmly. She remembers the drunken stupor Marnie was in that night and is very surprised she has any recollection of anything at all.

Excerpt 414

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 413) Accident

“Marnie? What are you doing?” Lyla asks as she looks up at her.

“I’m solving my own problems.” Marnie replies. “Is the floor cold?” Looking at the rope on her hands, Lyla glances up again at Marnie not answering her question. “Well, if you feel the floor is cold, it won’t be for long. Let me get a fire started and then you can have your accident.” The tone of Marnie’s voice is very strange and scornful.

“What?” asks Lyla as she pulls at the rope and pipe.

“It’s a sad thing, you know it? You started a fire but accidentally tripped and dropped your stupid little lantern setting the entire house ablaze.” Marnie says with a smile. “Don’t worry, the rope will burn away from your hands and no one will ever know you were actually placed here on purpose. No one will ever suspect that I was ever here at all.”

“Have you gone nuts?” Lyla says as she tugs on the pipe. Marnie swiftly turns to glare at her.

“You made me look stupid at your party, Lyla. I was supposed to be with Crisp that night.” Marnie turns and begins to wad up paper and then  tosses it into the cold fireplace. “I should have been the main attraction, not you, not him. ME!” she says as she throws a ball of paper at Lyla’s face.

Excerpt 413

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 412) In Hand

With Lyla knocked out, Marnie grabs her by the arms and drags her across the shiny wooden floor to the other side of the room. She binds her hands with thick white rope and secures her to a pipe connected to the old unused steam heating system. It is steady and solid as it extends down through the floor.

Laughing loudly, Marnie runs out into the hall and grabs the stained glass lantern she left on the table at the top of the stairs. As she is returning to the room, Lyla is waking up from the blow to her head.

“Oh, what happened, what’s going on?” Lyla questions, clearly dazed and disoriented. She tries to touch her head and this is when she realizes her hands are bound. She cannot move from her position on the floor and she looks up to find Marnie standing near her, lantern in hand.

Excerpt 412

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 411) The Mercy Of

Slowly, Lyla makes her way down the hall to investigate the sound. Now that the sun has set it is dark in the house and with this room facing to the east, it appears gloomy compared to the rest of the rooms. Very gently, she pushes the door open and steps inside. As she flips the light switch on the wall, the ceiling light flickers and blows with a loud crackling sound.

“Damn it.” Says Lyla as this causes her to jump. With the ceiling light blown, she pulls out her cell phone to use as a flashlight. Slowly she walks over to a lamp sitting on the night table near the bed. Just as she bends over to find the switch, she feels a sharp crushing pain that runs from her head to her toes and she falls to the floor. Laying there unconscious, she is at the mercy of Marnie, who is standing over her holding a large piece of firewood in her hands.

“You stupid twit!” Marnie says in a brash tone as she flips the switch on the lamp. The light is low but bright enough to see around the room with ease. Still holding the wood in her hands, she bends over and rolls Lyla onto her back. She stands over her watching for a long time as if studying her face.

“Oh no, what are you going to do now?” Marnie says in her over dramatic high-pitched voice. She then laughs loudly in a theatrical mocking manner.

Excerpt 411

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