The Eyes Of A Fetch 461-480

The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 480) I’m Here

“Crispin?” Lyla whispers. “Crispin?” she says again as she walks toward the veranda doors.

“I’m here.” He says from the shadows of Lyla’s office. His voice is extremely weak and low. In fact, she was not sure if what she heard was actually him at all. Leaving the lights off, she goes to where he is hiding near her desk. He is on the floor and she kneels in front of him.

“Can you walk?” she questions as she looks in his direction. She can barely see him and then she realizes he has just opened his eyes. They are still glowing, but much like the eyes of a cat, and the movement of color is dim and barely swirling. She immediately reaches out to help him stand up.

Leaning on her for support, Crispin walks with Lyla as they go out the back door being sure to stay in the darkness of the shadowy yard. Somehow, they manage to get to the car rather quickly and he lies down in the back seat. It is in this faint lighting that she notices how pale he has become. His face is sullen, not expressive, and his eyes appear deep-set and dark.

“Do you know the way?” he asks as he coughs and moans.

“Yes, I think so.” Says Lyla as she starts the car and slowly pulls away from the house hoping the movement of the vehicle will not cause even more suffering for Crispin.

Excerpt 480

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 479) Not There

Once the police officers back is to her, Lyla swiftly walks into the bathroom. As soon as she opens the door, she panics. Crispin is not there and a considerable amount of blood is on the floor. Hurriedly, she runs clear water over her hands and grabs a clean towel. As she walks back out into the hall, she looks down at the floor hoping she can tell which direction Crispin went.

“Ma’am!” yells the officer. Lyla jumps from his abruptness then turns around to face him. “I just wanted to let you know we are done here. If you need anything, give me a call.” He hands her his card. “We’ve cleaned things up the best we can, this is a fairly cut and dry case. I’ll lock the door as I leave.”

“Okay, thank you,” She says softly.

“Drive safely.” He replies and then leaves her alone in the house.

Excerpt 479

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 478) She Fears

“Oh, god.” Lyla says under her breath. “What was that?” The officer questions as he pauses at the bathroom door. His hand is on the handle ready to turn the knob.

“The blood is from Marnie, she fell on the blade, and it was awful!” Lyla stares at her own hands again. “I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and. . .” She looks at the bathroom door and begins to cry for she cannot think of any words to speak. The only thing on her mind is Crispin and with the passing of so much time, she fears he is dead.

“Listen,” states the officer as he steps back from the door to face Lyla. “You need to get cleaned up, just give us a minute to remove the body.” He then asks, “Do you need a ride or are you driving your friend’s car? I noticed it was parked in the driveway.”

“I’m driving his car, he’s probably wondering where I am.” Lyla says quickly.

“Oh, looks like the coroner is here. Are you sure you will be okay to drive?” questions the officer. Lyla quickly nods yes.

“Okay then, you are free to go, excuse me.” The officer steps away and Lyla backs up slowly.

Excerpt 478

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 477) Come After You

Time is moving in slow motion yet somehow passing too quickly. Lyla is in a daze about what has happened and the only thing she can think of is getting Crispin out of there. While she is giving her statement of the events that transpired, the emergency workers gently support Robert’s neck and body and load him onto a stretcher. Quickly they take him from the house and to the hospital for treatment.

“We were afraid she was going to come after you.” States another police officer as he approaches Lyla. “Why are you here, you were staying with someone, weren’t you?” he asks.

“Yes, I just came here to gather some of my things.” Lyla explains as she looks back at the bathroom door.

“Well, we won’t keep you much longer. It’s pretty obvious what happened here.” The man says as he looks up at the broken banister railing. “From your statement and the appearance of things, looks like Robert tried to stop her and took the brunt of it. You sure you haven’t been stabbed?” He looks at her clothing and hands once again. “You have blood all over you and it looks like a drip trail down the hall.” Lyla looks around at her bloodied clothing and hands then follows the path of the officer’s eyes as he looks in the direction of the bathroom. The track of blood is excessive for someone without wounds. “Is there someone else here with you?” The officer asks as he starts walking down the hall.

Excerpt 477

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 476) Are You Hurt

Lyla helps pull Crispin to his feet. Hunched over and holding onto the wall, they slowly walk to the bathroom that is located in the hall under the staircase. He collapses on the tiled floor of the small room and tells Lyla to lock the door and leave him there.

“I don’t want you to be alone.” She says as she kisses him on his forehead. She feels as if she is about to faint, she cannot lose him, not now, not ever!

“Tend to Robert, his back is broken but he will be okay.” Crispin closes his eyes as Lyla pulls a towel from the storage shelf under the sink. She presses it onto his shoulder where blood is still oozing from the terrible gash.

“I will be right back and I promise I will get you to the cottage.” She says quickly as she hears commotion in the foyer. Pulling the door shut, she runs down the hall to find several people tending to Robert. A man drapes a sheet over Marnie’s body as another man approaches Lyla.

“Are you alright?” Asks the officer as he looks at Lyla’s blood covered clothes. “Do you have any injuries?”

“What?” asks Lyla in a daze as she looks at the man standing before her.

“Are you hurt?” he asks as he holds her hands turning them palm up to check for defense wounds.

“No, no, I don’t think so.” She mumbles as she watches several people working on Robert.

Excerpt 476

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 475) I Must Hide

“Crispin, stop, back away from her!” Lyla screams. “She is killing you!” She is not sure how, but she manages to pull him back several feet from where Marnie lays.

“Guess I win after all, Lyla.” Marnie says in a very weak voice as she coughs up more blood. In a spine-chilling childlike manner, Marnie starts to giggle as she looks at Lyla who is frantically trying to save the man she loves.

“I feel better now.” Marnie smiles as she looks up at the chandelier. “Look at all the pretty colors, look at all the pretty. . .” Her voice fades, her eyes close, and her body goes limp. Crispin immediately falls over on his side and closes his eyes.

“Oh god no, Crispin, no!” whispers Lyla as she holds his head in her lap. She begins to cry for the emergency team has not yet arrived and she does not know what to do. Crispin’s lips move but she can scarcely hear his words. She leans down touching her cheek to his.

“What are you saying?” she asks as she holds him tightly. His face is cold and his breathing unsteady.

“I must get back to the cottage, to heal.” He whispers in a weak voice. His beautiful eyes are closed and he is exceptionally pale and cold.

“No, I hear the sirens, help is coming.” Lyla is in tears.

“My physical readings will not make sense to them, I must hide.” Crispin leans up as he tries to stand.

Excerpt 475

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 474) It’s Too Late

Crispin flinches with pain and grabs his chest but continues to focus on Marnie’s eyes. Oddly, Marnie begins to laugh as tears roll down her cheeks and a small amount of blood spurts from her mouth. Crispin yells out in great anguish, which startles Lyla severely.

“I. . . I was going to end it all anyhow.” Marnie whispers as she laughs. “I thought I had it all planned.” She wheezes as she huffs several times for air. Marnie is watching Crispin very closely. She glances at Lyla then resumes her focus on Crispin. Soon her eyes become relaxed as she reaches for his face but her bloody arm falls to the floor with a heavy wet thud. Her eyes cloud over turning to a hazy gray. Reaching out to Crispin, Lyla barely touches his arm and he yells out in distress, clutching his stomach he doubles over and draws his legs up.

“Lyla, she. . . she took all of her medications, she overdosed, it’s effecting me.”

“What? No! Crispin what does that mean?” Lyla asks as she tries to comfort him. “You have to stop, you’re too weak.” She yells as she pulls on his arm.

“It’s too late.” He replies as he continues to take on Marnie’s pain and discomfort as she lies on the floor dying.

Excerpt 474

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 473) Different

“Robert’s back is broken but he will live.” Crispin mumbles and then winces in agony. “I have alleviated some of his pain, but he needs help. Make a call Lyla, quickly.” Crispin’s voice is weak and low as he nearly falls over. He is still holding his wound and has his other hand down on the floor to help support the position he is sitting in.

As Lyla dials the number, she watches Crispin slowly pull himself toward Marnie. He rolls her over on her back and that is when they notice the knife jetting out of Marnie’s body. She has impaled herself, puncturing a lung, and is now gasping for air. Slowly glancing from Crispin to Lyla, her eyes are wide open and she looks terrified.

Lyla gives the address and her phone number to the emergency operator as she watches Crispin working. She quickly ends the call so she can assist and again, just as he did with Robert, he leans over and says something to Marnie. Only this time and in just a matter of seconds, Lyla realizes something is different.

Excerpt 473

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 472) Eerie Gaze

As they descend the stairs, Lyla looks down at Robert and Marnie lying on the floor. Their bodies are in positions that are not normal for a living person. Marnie is face down with her arms under her torso and both legs appear to be broken. Robert is lying face up and his eyes are wide open in an eerie gaze.

“Robert is moving.” Crispin says in a weak voice. Lyla notices Crispin’s eyes have begun to flash and the swirls of green and yellow that she once feared are moving magically within. He looks down at the two bodies as they approach the bottom step.

“Crispin. . .” starts Lyla.

“No. . . just help me get to Robert.” He says as they take the final step landing on the wooden floor of the foyer. Crispin leans down on one knee and looks at Robert whose eyes are open but not responsive. Lowering down, his face is very near Robert’s as he whispers something that Lyla cannot understand. The two men are eye to eye as if they are communicating through thoughts instead of voice. After several minutes, Crispin then backs away, sitting down on the floor as he holds onto his damaged shoulder.

Excerpt 472

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 471) Call For Help

Lyla rushes to Crispin’s side as he leans against the wall in a hunched over position. He is barely standing as she immediately applies pressure to the large gushing wound.

“Oh god, no!” she says as the fibers of his shirt soak in the red color. He is losing a tremendous amount of blood.

“It’s okay, call the police. Go call for help.” He says as he slides up the wall to stand up straight. He then steps toward the stairs.

“What are you doing, don’t go down there!” Lyla says in tears as she pulls her phone from her pocket. Her bloodied hands are shaking so bad that she cannot punch the buttons properly. Frustrated with herself she looks up to see Crispin almost fall as he starts down the staircase. She stops what she is doing to run to him.

“You’re losing a lot of blood, we need to get help.” She says as she tries to steady his stance without hurting him further.

Excerpt 471

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 470) Frame By Frame

Just as Marnie is starting the downward motion to force the blade into Lyla’s spine, Robert dashes towards his sister, grabbing her right arm in an attempt to stop her. Consumed by her psychotic frenzy, Marnie turns and plunges the knife into her own brother’s chest. With his grasp still on Marnie’s arm, Robert stumbles backward, pulling his sister with him. There is a loud cracking sound as they fall against the railing at the top of the stairs. The wood splinters and breaks away from the framing and the siblings plummet over the edge.

Watching in horror as if it is happening in silent slow motion, Lyla sees Marnie look at her, reaching up as if trying to take her hand. This sluggish methodical moment seems to have hushed all sounds and each detail freezes as if observing it frame by frame. Getting to her feet, Lyla watches helplessly as Robert and Marnie tumble down until their bodies slam onto the hard wooden floor of the foyer below. As if there was an explosion, suddenly all sounds come rushing back in a painful blast. The thunderous crash is unlike anything Lyla has ever heard.

Excerpt 470

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 469) Her Focus

“Oh my god! Crispin!” Lyla yells as she runs toward him not even realizing how very near to Marnie she is.  Her focus is so much on Crispin; she does not comprehend that her disturbed friend is quickly moving toward her until she feels the painful tug at her hair.  With intense rage, Marnie steps in the way of Lyla’s path grabbing a tight hold to a large clump of her hair. In a very brutal motion, she quickly pulls Lyla to the floor.

Watching as Marnie slams Lyla down harshly; Crispin slowly removes the knife from his shoulder and struggles to get to his feet. Staggering and fighting the pain of his severe injury, he tries to gain control of the weapon but drops the blood soaked knife. It slips from his hand landing at Marnie’s feet.

Yelling and banging sounds are coming from downstairs as Robert bursts through the front door. Quickly he rushes up the staircase trying to draw Marnie’s attention to him. Releasing her hold on Lyla’s hair, Marnie turns rapidly and grabs the knife off the floor. With both hands on the handle, she lifts it high above her head. Wild terror fills her eyes as she watches Lyla attempting to get to her feet, her focus then goes to the middle of Lyla’s back.

Excerpt 469

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 468) With Rage

“Where do you keep your travel bags?” Crispin asks as he follows Lyla into the room.

“Oh, those are in the hall closet.” She points in the direction of two doors that are catty-cornered across the hall from her bedroom. “It’s the one on the right, closest to the banister railings.” As Lyla steps further into her room, Crispin walks back across the hall and opens the closet door. Shockingly, Marnie attacks viciously as she pushes her way out of her hiding place screaming with rage and seemingly inhuman sounds.

Completely unexpected and off guard, Crispin falls backward across the hall hitting his back against the wall with great force. With a large knife in her right hand, Marnie drives the blade into Crispin’s left shoulder causing blood to start flowing immediately from the deep wound. He yells out in agony and the forceful impact of his body hitting the wall creates an intense sound that radiates throughout the structure. Marnie steps back in shock.

“NO!” she screams as she points her bloody fingers at him. “NO! It wasn’t supposed to be you!” With one hand outstretched and the other over her mouth, she whimpers like a wild beast snared in a trap.

Excerpt 468

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 467) Fresh Start

“It still smells like smoke in here,” Crispin says as he wraps his arms around Lyla, “but I have the best crew already starting the restoration. It will be perfect once again.” He says as he directs her toward the staircase. Walking arm in arm to the second floor they continue their conversation.

“Look at how far we’ve come since we met six months ago, and again now.” Says Lyla as they stop on the second floor landing. She looks down the hall to the right at the damaged portion of the house. The space is dark, gloomy, and still very wet from the water used to extinguish the flames. The scent of moisture mixed with smoke consumes the air.

“Don’t even look that way, Lyla. It will all be repaired and you need not subject yourself to bad memories.” Crispin takes her hand and guides her down the hall toward her bedroom. “Just think of this as a new beginning, a fresh start, and soon everything will be as it should be.” He smiles.

Crispin stops at Lyla’s bedroom door allowing her to enter first. She is thinking of what he just said and he is right. This is a new beginning, exciting and fresh is exactly how she feels. Looking back at him, she thinks of how he must have felt, realizing how frightened she had become of him. She cannot fathom how manipulative and cruel Quinn’s distorted guidance was for him at that time. Crispin is right, they are starting new. Looking at him, she smiles and he responds with a wink.

Excerpt 467

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 466) I Did

Stepping into the foyer of her damaged home, Lyla flips the switch on the wall to the on position and the large stained glass chandelier lights up brightening the space with blends of color.

“Hey, that reminds me,” she turns to Crispin poking him in the chest with her finger. “Did you happen to buy a certain stained glass lamp while in Madrid?” Laughing, Crispin looks at her with a childlike sneer as if he has no idea what she is talking about. His expression alone makes Lyla laugh as he begins his confession.

“Ah, yes indeed I did.” He laughs again. “I noticed it in the shop window and thought it would be a perfect match to your chandelier.” He steps toward her and becomes very serious. “The chance to give it to you just had not quite come up yet.”

“You are sneaky,” she grins, knowing he is about to burst into laughter. “I ended up with a very old, yet beautiful ornate lantern because of you, thank you very much.” As Lyla turns to the table where the item usually sits, she remembers that it was involved in the fire and may be lost forever.

“Then again,” she states while her back is to Crispin, “it may not hold memories that I want to keep.”

Excerpt 466

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 465) Kindness

“We are going inside to grab a few things and should be out of your way shortly.” Crispin says as he takes over and puts an end to this uncomfortable conversation. He and Lyla start walking toward the front porch together and Robert follows.

“That’s a good idea. We just secured tarps on the damaged part of the house. It looks like rain is on the way.” He says rather quickly. This comment from Robert causes both Crispin and Lyla to stop and look over their shoulders to the west. Robert nods in the direction of the line of clouds sitting on the horizon.

“My guys and I will be leaving in about five minutes, so if you need anything let us know as soon as possible.” He smiles as if embarrassed, and he probably is. It is obvious he is taking things personally and Lyla hates to leave him on that note.

“Thank you, Robert.” She places her hand on his arm. “You take care and let’s hope Marnie turns herself in soon. I truly appreciate all of your help and kindness.” She smiles looking him in the eyes, “Please do not worry.”

Excerpt 465

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 464) Lyla’s House

After several more topics of conversation and a bit of flirting, Lyla and Crispin clear away their plates. He explains that while she was asleep, he took charge of the situation and met workers at her house as soon as the sun was up. Under his guidance, the task is already underway and he suggests they drive into town to gather more items and to make sure the contractors have started work as he directed. Upon their arrival at Lyla’s house, they find Marnie’s brother, Robert, standing in the front yard conversing with a few other men.

“Hello there,” says Robert as Lyla gets out of the car. He quickly walks over to greet her.

“Robert, I didn’t expect to see you here.” She says as she glances at Crispin.

“You have my sincerest apologies, Lyla. I had no idea my sister was so irrational and confused. We still don’t know where she is and I’ve got to get her some help, fast.” He states as he steps closer to both Lyla and Crispin to keep the other men from hearing his words.

“I want her to get some help too. If there is anything. . .” Starts Lyla but Robert interrupts her quickly.

“No, I feel so bad about all of it Lyla, you don’t need to do anything. I am so glad to be on the team that is making the repairs to your home. It makes me feel better about myself.” Robert shakes his head as he pushes his hat back a little from his sweaty forehead.

Excerpt 464

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 463) You With Me

“Yes, I do fairly well on my own.” Lyla pauses. “I hope you don’t mind me being here, with you.” She says as she tips her head slightly waiting for his response.

“You, my love. . .” Crispin pauses briefly as if he may become emotional. “I hope by now you realize I want you with me, wherever our life together may take us.” Without a hint of uncertainty, Lyla responds.

“I can’t imagine being anywhere else.” she says as she leans forward kissing him quickly. “Let’s eat, I’m starving.”

As they enjoy the meal Crispin prepared, a slight breeze begins to blow and birds flutter in and out of the vines overhead as well as the nearby shrubbery. The sun is warm but as clouds begin to drift in it gives off the appearance of wispy shadows crawling along the ground. Lyla and Crispin talk for over an hour and finish off their meal with a large glass of wine. Before they take their last drink, Crispin holds his glass up to Lyla.

“May God grant you many years to live, for sure he must be knowing, that earth has angels all too few and heaven is overflowing.” He taps his glass to Lyla’s and says, “To you my angel.” Smiling, she slowly leans over the table to kiss him once again.

Excerpt 463

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 462) Have A Need

The heavy scent of earth and blossoms is intoxicating as Crispin leads Lyla quickly through the glass building. From here, they exit though another door and step outside to a rather large vine-covered pergola with a fire pit chimney at the far end. Creamy tan and white stones are grouted together making a perfectly level floor as they walk over to a table that is sitting in the center.

“Exactly what time is it?” Lyla asks a bit shocked to see that the sun appears to be low in the sky for the noon hour.

“It is half past three.” Replies Crispin as he pulls a chair out for her to sit down.

“No, you are kidding me, right?” she questions as she looks out across rolling hills of green grass and white rocks. “Oh Crispin, this area is beautiful. It takes my breath away.” She cannot believe that she is in the same country as her hometown.

“Yes, it is beautiful, peaceful, and remote here.” States Crispin as he sits down across from her. “As you may suspect, I tend to keep to myself except when I am needed, or have a need.” He smiles as he reaches out touching her hand.

Excerpt 462

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 461) The Reason

“Do you ever sleep?” Lyla asks as she looks into Crispin’s eyes. He tips his head as if his answer is questionable and Lyla runs her hand along the back of his neck as she looks at him thoughtfully.

“Let’s just say my mind is wonderfully consumed and that keeps me up at times.” He says in a vague manner as he continues to hold her.

“That’s a very cryptic reply.” Lyla laughs. “So what does it mean?” Crispin looks at her and grins. “What are you hiding?” She teases.

“You are the reason I don’t sleep.” He replies has he holds her close. “Let’s just say, you are a beacon to my soul.” He kisses her as he draws her into a tighter embrace. “I prepared breakfast, but it’s more like a late lunch.” He laughs.

Taking her by the hand, they walk down the short hall, through the main room, and out through the back door of the kitchen. Stepping across three large square stones, they immediately enter a glass structure. It is a greenhouse of sorts with various pots and planters full of flowers and vegetables sitting in neat rows and sections. Some varieties are hanging in large baskets, some spilling out of tall urns, and the gravel walkway is wet and shiny.

Excerpt 461

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