.The Eyes Of A Fetch 81-100

The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 100) Run

Lyla looks around at the empty street. She is beginning to feel uneasy again. “I wish you were here Marcus, you know, to see how things are going with your show. But I also understand how you hate the limelight.” She glances to her right and the dimness of the street.

“So true, you know me well.” Marcus laughs. “We should be back in Madrid around noon. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay?” he questions. “Alright, have a good night.” She replies as she ends the call. While slipping her phone into her purse, she hears a low gravelly voice from very close by whisper “run!”

This instantly shoots a ripple of fear down her spine. Hastily she turns to look behind her and for a split second sees someone standing to her right. She swiftly jerks to the left toward the hotel doors but soon realizes she is alone except for the door attendant. He took notice of her odd behavior and quickly steps toward her with his arms outstretched. “Is everything alright, Ma’am?” he questions as he looks at her in a peculiar way while gently holding her arm.

“Yes, I’m fine.” Lyla says with embarrassment as she avoids eye contact and swiftly pulls away as she enters the hotel lobby. Several people are waiting for the elevator so she slips into the stairwell letting the door slam shut behind her.

Excerpt 100

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 99) After The Funeral

As Lyla thinks about Marcus, he in turn is thinking of her as he checks the time on his phone. Quickly realizing he has not notified her that he and Destry will not be back in Madrid until the following day, he places a call. “I hope she hasn’t gone to bed yet.” He says to Destry as he puts the phone to his ear. Lyla’s phone rings.

“Hey there, Marcus.” Lyla says as she stops outside the door of the hotel to answer the call. “You have no idea how good it is to hear your voice.” She says quickly. “I’m sorry to be calling so late, it’s been a long day and I lost track of time.” He replies. “It’s okay, I just got back from the exhibit, and people are going nuts over your work!” She says gleefully now not as focused on her fears.

“Oh that’s great news! Destry’s assistant has been keeping us posted but hearing that from you makes it even better.” He replies happily. “Hey, I just wanted to let you know we will be back tomorrow. After the funeral Destry met with her family to see if they can reverse the sale of the vineyard, looks like it could get a bit messy if they try to battle the company that bought it.” Marcus sounds tired, worried, and is speaking in a low tone. “But I think they have decided to give it a try. Her uncle and cousins are still here discussing it.”

Excerpt 99

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 98) Uncomfortable

Finally, the streetlight changes and Lyla walks through the intersection with the couple and continues along until they step aside to go in a different direction. Almost instantly, there is a fluttering, like the wings of a hummingbird, very near to Lyla’s left ear. She ducks and places her hand up to protect herself but there is no bird and the sound quickly stops. She looks around but does not see anything that could have caused such a noise.

With several blocks to go, she grows more and more jumpy as the streetlamps now are the only light she has to navigate by. The sun disappeared below the horizon and the sky very quickly turned black. She is wishing that she had hailed a cab for she would have been back at the hotel by now. She feels uncomfortable, stressed, and slightly panicked.

A gust of wind passes by her catching a few small pieces of paper from the curb causing them to flurry up and swirl in the air. She hears talking and soon several people step out of a small passage and pass by her going in the opposite direction.

Everything seems to be making her nervous as she continues walking, but at a much faster pace than before. Soon the hotel is in sight and she begins to relax, but just a little. Lyla’s thoughts now go to Marcus and Destry. She wonders if they have come back to the city or if they will be at the vineyard for another night. As usual with Lyla and Marcus, they seem to be in tune and this evening is no different.

Excerpt 98

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 97) Into The Wall

This odd shadow looks much like the silhouette of a person, but no one is standing nearby to create such an outline. It is near an alcove of an old building and its strange misty consistency appears to be hovering two feet off the ground. Lyla looks at the couple to see if they have a reaction to what she has seen, but their focus is so much on each other, she doubts they even realize she is standing near them.

“My mind must be playing tricks on me.” She says under her breath. Turning a little bit more in that direction, she wants to focus straight on with this unusual anomaly. Is that what it is? Simply a shadow, or is this a person? She questions in her mind as she squints her eyes hoping it will make a difference in how she sees it.

Glancing around she tries to explain it away as if a streetlight or shop window is casting a reflection. Suddenly the silhouette moves as if sinking into the wall of stone and this makes Lyla tremendously nervous.

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 96) Not The Cause

Lyla takes a glass of wine from a tray and goes on about her business of spying on individuals as they review the work Marcus has on show. She is actually enjoying the fact that she has infiltrated this group and no one is the wiser that she is an insider. Most of the comments she has overheard are very positive but as with anything, there are a few negatives to counteract it. Overall, she is very happy with what she has heard and seen.

A staff member collects her empty wineglass and Lyla decides to start heading back to the hotel for the night. With the sun almost set, she considers a taxi ride but at the last minute before holding her hand up to hail a cab, she chooses against it. Leisurely she walks along the sidewalk, the streets become less crowded and Lyla soon develops the feeling that someone is following her. As she waits at a crosswalk, she slowly turns and looks behind her to see if anyone is there.

A man and woman holding hands amble up from a side street to wait at the same crossing where she is standing, but she knows they are not the cause of her concern. Even now with the extra company, she feels odd for some reason and glances around trying not to look like a paranoid tourist.

Just like before, she does not see anything out of the ordinary. That is until she notices a dark, strangely shaped form of some kind.

Excerpt 96

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 95) Turns Her Back

“Oh, well yes you did surprise me, a little.” The stout round woman replies. At the very moment she turns to look at Lyla, the photographer’s flash goes off again capturing yet another still picture. Her expression is one of discomfort and Lyla notices it rather quickly.

“I hope you’re enjoying the display, I’m sorry to have bothered you.” says Lyla a little surprised at the woman’s odd reaction to her. “Oh no, no bother at all, it’s actually quite nice to see a familiar face. I just didn’t expect anyone to recognize me.” The elderly woman grins slightly as if she is nervous. “What are you up to tonight dear?” She asks a she turns her back to the photographer.

“My friend Marcus is the artist of this exhibit and I wanted to stop in to see how the showing was going. Unfortunately, he is attending a funeral today and was not able to be here.” Explains Lyla as she and the little woman walk to the next painting.

“Well that’s a shame; it would have been lovely to meet him.” She responds as she looks at her watch. “Oh I’m sorry dear but I must be going. Do take care.” She says as she quickly walks toward the door to exit the building. She did not even give Lyla time to say goodbye.

Excerpt 95

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 94) Exquisite

Entering the building, Lyla is immediately surprised at the amount of people gathered inside. To the right, where Marcus and Destry stood for the presentation, sits a long white buffet table. Available to visitors are many varieties of wine and several types of cheese, crackers and bread to sample. With small plates and wineglasses in hand, the space is full of people slowly moving from one piece of art to the next.

It is a very beautiful setting. The entire demeanor of the room is calm and peaceful and voices are at a mummer. There is a photographer on hand from the local news and he is shooting several still photographs for his article. With a flash of light, he takes a photo in Lyla’s direction.

“Exquisite isn’t it?” says a woman as she passes by. “Yes, that is a very good word for it, it is indeed exquisite.” Replies Lyla as she looks around the room. She then recognizes the little woman that she rode up in the elevator with the night before. She walks over and taps her on the shoulder.

“Well hello,” says Lyla to the woman who responds with a slightly shocked expression as she stands still and does not speak. “Oh I’m sorry, did I startle you?” Lyla asks apologetically.

Excerpt 94

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 93) Side Trips

Now that her hands are empty, Lyla once again decides to take the stairs down instead of the elevator. However, this time she is more careful with the door and does not allow it to slam shut. Down she goes as she follows the square design of the stairwell. Once her feet hit the second floor, she hears a door slam from above which makes her jump. She stops walking for a second or two, but never hears footsteps.

“Hum, maybe they peaked in at the staircase and decided against taking the steps.” She mumbles. She continues on her way and slam! Another door loudly swings shut, this one is much closer and once again, Lyla stops to listen for footsteps, but she hears none. She thinks this is a bit odd and is thankful to have finally reached the lobby where she enters into its warm inviting atmosphere.

Stepping out onto the street Lyla looks at the time, it is a quarter past three. On opening night, she walked from the exhibit to the hotel and it took her about an hour so off she goes for her stroll. With all the shops open, she pops in here and there to look around and she even picks up a few small things that are easy to carry. With all of her side trips completed, she finally arrives at the art show just before five o’clock.

Excerpt 93

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 92) Sales Approach

“This lantern is lovely and very unique. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.” Lyla comments. This is her attempt to refuse it, in a nice way, and not hurt the man’s feelings. Oddly enough, she almost fears the item and hesitates to touch it. The man sets it on the counter in front of her as he watches her closely.

“It’s rather old, took it in on a trade. It uses oil, like an oil lamp and works well if you want a small amount of light or need light when the power goes out.” He is talking as he comes around to Lyla’s side of the counter. “I have all kinds of oils, scented ones too.” He opens a cabinet to the left exposing hundreds of candles, incense and lamp oils.

“For you I’ll toss a bottle of oil in for free.” Again, he looks at Lyla in a strange manner as if reading something written on her face. “You know, some items just pick certain people. I think this lantern is supposed to be with you.” He says in a flat tone, Lyla is not sure if she likes his peculiar sales approach.

“It is quite a nice offer, but. . .” Lyla pauses as she chooses her words wisely. “But it is not exactly what I had in mind.” She turns to look away for the intensity of the shop owner is making her feel a bit uneasy as he presses on. “How about I take twenty percent off? I want you to leave here happy.” He says as he smiles. “Since I already sold the item you were hoping to purchase, it’s the least I can do.” The man says as he continues to look at her. At this point, Lyla wants nothing more than to escape from this conversation, so she gives in.

“It does have an interesting look to it.” She says as she decides to purchase it and leave on good terms. Once the transaction is complete, the man politely thanks Lyla for her business and she is on her way. Straight away, she takes the package back to her room at the hotel. She tidies things up a bit and decides to walk down to the art exhibit to partake in another viewing. In actuality, she wants to hear more of what people are saying about the art on display.

Excerpt 92

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 91) Something

“Welcome.” says a thin man standing behind the counter. “What may I help you with today?” he questions. “Good afternoon.”  Lyla says as she steps closer to the lamp she is so interested in. “I’ve been by here after the store has closed, you have a wonderful display.” She glances at  the lamp.

“Why thank you.” Says the man politely. “I do most of the work myself. Are you interested in that lamp?” he questions. “Yes, the pattern and colors match perfectly with a large light fixture that I have in my foyer at home.” She says happily, as she reaches out to touch it. “Oh, well I’m sorry to say it sold first thing this morning.” The shop owner says as he points to a tag hanging off the back of the shade. It is marked, sold.

“Oh no! Please tell me you have another one similar to this.” She says now completely crushed. “No, this is the only one I have with this particular set of colors.” He sits down on a stool near the cash register. “May I interest you in some other item?” He extends his hand to several candle holders and other lamps. As beautiful as they are, they are not what Lyla was hoping to buy. She knows she cannot afford to have him make a lamp especially for her but she does not want to leave there empty handed either.

“Well, I do love candles and anything old,” she says as she glances around. “What about a lantern?” suggest the man. He pulls a very colorful ornate one down off the back of a shelf. It is tall and the stained glass is in earthy tone combinations with various shades of red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Sealed together with copper, the colors would match the décor in her home nicely. It is very beautiful but, something about it is strange and Lyla cannot quite figure out what. It is not the shape or the colors, but something about it that does not settle well with her.

Excerpt 91

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