*The Eyes Of A Fetch: OVERVIEW

The Eyes Of A Fetch ~ Overview

Lyla Harris feels obsessed by the vanished memories she cannot seem to evoke and finds herself disturbed by dreams and visions that do not make sense. While on a trip out of the country, she has a perplexing encounter that sets a spiral of events in motion. As more of her lost recollections begin to reveal themselves, so does a haunting figure that frightens yet intrigues her just the same.

Six months have passed since that confusing and dreadful night as well as the event that nearly took the sight from Crispin Duff. Remarkably, the only physical reminder of the violence is one small scar above his right eye. Not only did he agonize these past months over his injuries but also the loss of the relationship he began to have with Lyla.

With his brow furrowed, he thinks about her and the varied events that took place so many months ago. Most of all, he ponders on how he could have and should have handled matters differently. His eyes are gloomy, shadowed and brooding with no color or expression as he constructs his next strategy.

What is it that Crispin desires? Is revenge on the agenda, or does he have other plans for Lyla as she attempts to piece lost moments of her recent past together. Will she ever be able to recall the missing points in time? If she does, will she find herself terrified by what she discovers? Most of all, what are the mystical and obscure powers that inhabit the The Eyes of A Fetch?

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