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Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 193) Witness

Feeling around in the dark for something to throw at the glass, Viktor finds there are pebbles at his feet just like before. Picking up a round white stone, he tosses it at the glass with force. It makes a clicking sound, but there is no response from Nadja, who remains curled up and sound asleep in her bed.

Movement to his right catches Viktor’s attention. The door is opening, very slowly and upon the handle is a large hand. A hint of a glow washes into the room and the silhouette of a man appears in the doorway.

“No, this cannot be happening.” Viktor mumbles. “Nadja!” He yells at the top of his lungs. “Nadja, you have to wake up!” He hears the frantic nature of his own voice.

Slowly, one step at a time, Aaron makes his way to the foot of Nadja’s bed and then around the corner of the bedpost. His stature is massive, blocking out most of the window, and Viktor feels this is a dream exaggeration. Yet, he just went one round with him and he proved to be more powerful than Viktor expected.

Reaching down, Viktor grabs a handful of stones and leaning back, he builds up momentum and pummels the stones at the mirror! The sound is expansive but only to his ears for neither Aaron nor Nadja stir from the loud noise.

“Nadja!” Viktor screams. “How can I make her hear me?” he questions to himself. “There has to be something here I am missing, I need to break the glass.”

Bending down and searching in the dark with his outreached hands, he feels around for anything large, like a rock or piece of furniture. Suddenly there is a tap on his right hip, which causes him to twirl around quickly.

“Nadja?” He says as he sees her smiling face behind him. “What? How?” He fumbles with his words.

“Is this what you have been talking about all this time?” She questions as she takes his hand. “I was dreaming and heard you calling my name.” She steps up closer to him. “I was sitting atop a hill, looking at the stars and when I closed my eyes, I found myself here.”

It is at this moment Viktor is pulled back into reality. Not in a physical manner, but with the reality of knowledge, he knows Aaron is here. Not only here, on the mountain, but in the room with Nadja’s sleeping body.

“We have to wake you up.” Viktor says as he holds both of Nadja’s hands in his.

“Why? I find this fascinating.” She grins as she leans in for a kiss but Viktor backs away.

“No, Nadja. This is not just a dream.” Viktor says. “I need you to understand this.” He says forcefully.

“Oh stop teasing me.” Nadja laughs as she looks to her right.

It is now that she can see the backside of the mirror in her wardrobe closet. Stepping up closer, she is witness to the events playing out in the room. Aaron’s massive presence is the first catch of her eye and she quickly covers her mouth with her hand.


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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 486) A Dream

Lyla tries to open her eyes again but this time cannot, or maybe she has opened them but the mist is so thick she can only see blackness. There is no way to tell which way is right or which way is left, if she is standing up or lying down.

“This is only a dream,” she reminds herself as she begins to believe she is floating. The sensation is odd and soon she starts to feel ill with motion sickness. “Crispin?” she says again and now feels his hand in hers. Slowly she flutters her eyelids as she awakens to a vast landscape of hills and valleys. Tiny flowers are in bloom and the sky is a brilliant blue filled with specks of white puffy clouds.

As she turns and looks at Crispin, she realizes they are standing on a walkway near a deep cavernous ridge that drops off into a thick layer of fog creating the appearance it goes on for eternity. The blue sky around them becomes clouded and it begins to darken.

Excerpt 486

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 468) With Rage

“Where do you keep your travel bags?” Crispin asks as he follows Lyla into the room.

“Oh, those are in the hall closet.” She points in the direction of two doors that are catty-cornered across the hall from her bedroom. “It’s the one on the right, closest to the banister railings.” As Lyla steps further into her room, Crispin walks back across the hall and opens the closet door. Shockingly, Marnie attacks viciously as she pushes her way out of her hiding place screaming with rage and seemingly inhuman sounds.

Completely unexpected and off guard, Crispin falls backward across the hall hitting his back against the wall with great force. With a large knife in her right hand, Marnie drives the blade into Crispin’s left shoulder causing blood to start flowing immediately from the deep wound. He yells out in agony and the forceful impact of his body hitting the wall creates an intense sound that radiates throughout the structure. Marnie steps back in shock.

“NO!” she screams as she points her bloody fingers at him. “NO! It wasn’t supposed to be you!” With one hand outstretched and the other over her mouth, she whimpers like a wild beast snared in a trap.

Excerpt 468

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 455) Screams Out

As Lyla steps away from the open window, she begins to hear laughter. It is a loud overbearing sound from nearby, but she does not see anyone. Turning around she trips over something causing her to fall to the floor. Looking back at what caught her footing, she finds that Crispin is lying on his back covered in blood and lifeless.

She gasps for air as she turns to help him but the smoke begins to overtake her; she cannot breath and begins to feel sick to her stomach. With one final push of air, she screams out for help and someone steps up beside her.

Looking up, she finds Marnie standing over her laughing in a wicked and hysterical manner as the fire engulfs her. It starts at her feet and covers her clothing then ignites her shirt. The smell of singed hair is strong as Marnie’s entire head bursts into flames.

Excerpt 455

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