.To Dance With A Fetch 91-100

To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 100) Your Powers

“Oh, you’ve got me all wrong.” Crispin says with a laugh as he moves closer to where Lyla is sitting. He leans his back up against the wall and props his feet up on the bricks of the fireplace, blocking her in completely. It is not as if she felt she had a way out anyhow, but this move makes it clear that she is not going anywhere. Crispin crosses his arms and looks up as if in deep thought.

“I don’t go around looking for someone so I can add a number to my quota.” says Crispin in a matter of fact and businesslike manner. “I simply have abilities, that through the years, I’ve learned to use very wisely.” After a pause he continues and is very direct with her. “We all know that the natural progression of life is death. I merely take a life when I find it to be the only option. I am usually doing them and everyone around them a favor by simply speeding up the natural process of time.”

Lyla looks at him. “I thought you were doing good things for people, I would have never agreed to work for you if. . .” Crispin cuts her off and leans in her direction.

“I have wants and needs just like everybody else, just so happens that I have the capability to use it to my favor. Like you, Lyla. You have abilities you use to your favor as well.” Crispin reaches out and takes Lyla’s hand and after a short pause he says, “You stole my heart with your powers.”

Excerpt 100

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 99) Did You Kill Marcus?

“Oh yes, Marcus.” says Crispin as he leans back and stretches out his legs crossing them at his ankles. “Our plans kept getting interrupted by dear ol’ Marcus.” He smiles and nods his head several times as he thinks and mulls over his thoughts before answering. “You know, I quite like the fellow, he’s bright, talented, and good-humored, but he just doesn’t know when to stop.” After a long pause, Crispin starts laughing and says, “I suppose he and I are a lot alike, yes my pet?”

When Lyla does not immediately respond he continues. “He kept digging and digging then placed doubt in your mind and you chose to follow, which I didn’t understand. I never mistreated you or him or even your irritating friend Marnie, but you chose to side with Marcus against me.”

Lyla does not reply right away. How can she respond to his mockery of her best friend? She sits quietly still and the silence is deafening. There is no wind, no rain and no sounds to interrupt their conversation. It is so quiet that she can hear Crispin breathing from a few feet away. The night at the cottage jumps into her mind again but she quickly dismisses it. She does not want any fond memories of Crispin Duff.

Finally, in a strong voice Lyla asks the question she desperately needs an answer to. “Did you kill Marcus? Like you did Penny? Did you take his soul like you do to anyone who gets in your way?”

Excerpt 99

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 98) Old Soul Of Souls

Lyla sits in silence, numb, cold and confused. She shivers as she huddles in the corner in much the same position as Crispin. Her knees are up and she has wrapped her arms around them to stay warm. She rests her head on her knees and looks down at the floorboards no longer even thinking.

Crispin has not tried to touch her, or force her out of the hole in any way. After several quiet minutes she says, “Who are you?” Her voice is faint and weak and she is not even sure if he heard her. She follows with “What are you?” Keeping her head down she waits for a reply and it doesn’t take long.

“I am who I am, but hum. . . what am I?” says Crispin as he rubs his chin with his fingers pondering on how to explain it all. “I am an old soul of souls,” he says with a cheerful quality to his voice. It is almost as if he is purposely answering in a riddle. Lyla’s head is still down but she turns it to the side. “What have you done with Marcus?” she asks with a stronger voice than before.

Excerpt 98

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 97) Composed And Unruffled

Lyla looks at the floor and shakes her head. She is angry with herself for creating her own trap and now feels completely defeated. She does not look up or even acknowledge that Crispin is standing only a few feet away. Unsure of what her next move could possibly be, she feels embarrassed, used, and heartbroken all at the same time. One thing is for sure however, she must not look Crispin in the eye.

Marcus was right about the eyes. Each time she focused in on Crispin’s she became sluggish, faint, not able to react the way she knew she should. What is he? How many people have fallen to him? Why does he take such pleasure in trapping her now?

Sitting down on the floor, Crispin pulls his legs up resting his chin on his knees as he wraps his arms around his calves. He is not at all threatening. He looks more like a schoolboy getting ready to watch a theatrical performance than a man with the power to control whomever he wants.

“Now, what shall we talk about, Lyla? What will help you understand it all? What will bring you around so we can move past this confusing state and be friends again?” he says as he watches her closely. After going through such a battle with her, he is exceptionally composed and unruffled. It is as if nothing happened. He is not angry, hurt, or even offended and is being the kind gentleman that she felt herself falling in love with.

Excerpt 97

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 96) Hello There, Kitten

The moonlight that was filtering in brightly is now dimming and lightening as clouds pass in front of the moon, hindering its nighttime glow. Lyla takes one last frantic look around hoping she simply missed finding another way out but there is no outlet.

The thump of one heavy footstep startles her and is followed by a shuffle that sounds extremely close by. So close in fact that a shadow crosses the faint amount of light that is peaking in from the window. She can hear Crispin inhale as he starts to say something.

“Always remember to forget the things that made you sad. But never forget to remember the things that made you glad.” Crispin says this phrase in a very low and deliberate whisper. His voice is haunting as he speaks in this calm and soothing tone. Suddenly, and now completely expected, Crispin leans around the chimney and peeks into the little space where Lyla is hiding and says, “Hello there, kitten.”

Excerpt 96

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 95) A Trap

“I do not wish to harm you. In actuality, I need your support.” says Crispin as his voice draws near. Lyla begins to worry that he has found her and is simply toying with her now. She backs into the space as far as she can. “I would like to share my plans and ideas for the future, our future.” There is a slight pause as he stops walking. Then he says, “Please come out so we can talk about it.”

Lyla now realizes that what she thought would be a good hiding place has actually turned into a trap. She cannot back up any further and there is no other way to get around the chimney except the way she came in. If she tries to leave now she will surely be seen and quickly stopped. Her only hope is that Crispin does not notice the little alcove in which she is concealed.

There is more shuffling and then Crispin’s footsteps stop. Lyla places her hand over her own mouth to avoid yelling out. With eyes open wide she sits and waits for what seems like forever. The blood starts rushing throughout her body once again as her adrenaline level increases and she begins to feel flush.

Lowering her hand, she silently watches the corner of the brick wall for signs of movement.

Excerpt 95

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 94) Come Out And Play

The storm has calmed and it is very quiet in the peaks of the large old house. Filtering in through the window is a soft shade of blue from the moon as it reflects off the receding clouds. “You might as well come out and play.” states Crispin. “You know I’ll eventually find you so let’s not drag out the inevitable.” Again his shoes can be heard on the floor with each step taken.

Lyla sits quietly but each time Crispin speaks, she can feel her heart rate go up. The pounding in her head is very loud as she tries to control every breath. Wrapped up in a ball, she continues to hide behind the flue of the fireplace. The bricks are cool to the touch which was very welcomed when she first crawled into the little space. At that time, she was very warm after narrowly escaping from Crispin’s clutches but now the effect is much different as she huddles trying to stay warm.

Hopeful that if she can stay quiet enough, Crispin will assume she got out of the house and maybe he too will eventually leave the attic. Her eyes have adjusted well to the darkness and the moonlight is helping as it shines in from outside. She feels around for something, anything that will help her to protect herself if he does happen upon her. But there is nothing, not even a loose board. Crispin speaks again.

Excerpt 94

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 93) Betrayed And Used

For the longest time all Lyla can hear is the wind and rain and she begins to think about the events of the past few days. How is it that things went from being so good to so bad in such a short span of time? Is Marcus okay? Did Smokey survive? Crispin changed into Marnie earlier, is she gone as well? What has happened to the people she loves. Why was she foolish enough to answer the first email Crispin sent?

Lyla feels betrayed and used and is left without much hope that she will make it out of this alive. Crossing her arms, she tries to keep herself warm as she contemplates her options and thinks about her friends. Is this nightmare ever going to end?

“Oh Lyla.” Says Crispin as if he is exhausted. His words seem to echo throughout the rafters. “I’m growing tired of this game of cat and mouse.” His voice is loud yet in a composed tone as he moves through the dark attic. Each step is heard as his shoes hit the floorboards while he shuffles about in the dark.

Excerpt 93

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 92) Hidden Away

Once released, she makes it to the end of the attic where there is indeed a window. She tries to open it, but it is not budging. “Oh no, No!” she says while looking out at the yard below. She presses her face up against the windowpane and sees the yard is flooded with large pools of rainwater standing throughout as lightning reflects into them. Even if she could get the window open, it is a straight two-story drop to the ground. This is not at all a way out. This is nothing more than a trap. Turning the flashlight off, she rolls down from the window putting her back against the wall.

“Now what, now what?” she says barely whispering as she looks back at the obscurity of the attic. Trembling uncontrollably, she looks around knowing Crispin is not far behind. Quietly she slides sideways along the wall and discovers that to her right is a small area behind the brick of the chimney. She decides to slip inside to hide there. Sliding into the nook she is hidden away from the sporadic lightning of the storm that could possibly give her away. Once settled she closes her eyes and leans her head against the cool brick and she listens.

Excerpt 92

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 91) Delicate Red Tip

“The red rose whispers of passion and the white rose breathes of love; O, the red rose is a falcon, and the white rose is a dove.” says Crispin as he lies beside Lyla. Slowly she opens her eyes and sees that Crispin is holding a single white rose on a long stem. Each full creamy petal has a delicate red tip and Crispin tenderly brings it closer to her.

Trembling, Lyla looks at Crispin and takes the rose from his hand. Now he is within inches of her face as he leans in and says, “But I send you a cream-white-rosebud with a flush on its petal tips; for the love that is purest and sweetest, has a kiss of desire on the lips.” Lyla closes her eyes once again as Crispin leans in to kiss her. Once his lips meet hers a loud clap of thunder startles her and as if awakening from a deep sleep she opens her eyes and pushes Crispin back causing him to hit his head on a crossbeam.

“Ah!” he yells as he leans down holding his head with one hand and grabbing for Lyla with the other. “Lyla! Listen!” he shouts. Lyla rolls over and crawls as fast as she can to get away. “No!” she screams as he grabs her foot pulling her back. The dusty wooden floor of the attic makes it especially slippery and hard to get traction as she fights to get free.

“No, stop it!” she is shaking in fear as she feels Crispin lunging at her pulling at her feet. Several times he gets a hold of her and each time she is pulled back towards him. Reaching out she grabs two beams with her hands pulling and kicking with enough force to break free from Crispin’s unyielding hold.
Excerpt 91

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