*To Dance With A Fetch: OVERVIEW

To Dance With A Fetch

It has happened to you. You see someone you recognize from across a crowded room but once you get closer, you realize it’s not the person you thought it was. You’ve tapped on a friends shoulder to say hello but once they turn around you find they are a complete stranger. You’ve caught a glimpse of yourself in your peripheral vision when there was no chance it could have been a reflection. Are these instances a trick of the eye or a simple case of mistaken identity? Is it possible that something far more sinister is at play?

You may recognize the term Doppelganger. It refers to a double or look-alike of a living person and is known to be a harbinger of bad luck, illness, or death for anyone that sees their double or the double of a loved one. Irish folklore tells of a phantom they refer to as a FETCH for it fetches the souls of the living. Is it simply a tale of the superstitious? How would we know? What if there was indeed such a being and it has learned to manipulate it’s victims by utilizing the vast technologies of today? How many lives could it infiltrate, control, or take?

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