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It is time to close this chapter and with the ending of Doors To Mirrors, this is my final post.
Thank you all very much for the support through the years and I hope you enjoyed the four books posted here for free. Love to all and best of wishes to you forever!

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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 445) Preparing

Stephen stops in his current position for he is now in a slight state of paralysis suspended between the safety of the building and the slippery metal of the door. He is so close to being safe, but now all he can think about is, which fate is worse? If he falls, he will probably die, but if he finds himself face to face with the Guta, he may suffer horribly for days but he quickly realizes the end-result will be the same.

He knows this, it is almost a fact with him and to be honest with himself, he does not care either way. Tears well up in his eyes under the pressure his body is working under and he snickers at the irony of finding himself in this position. He actually laughs at having to weigh these options but his humor fades as the Guta steps out of the shadows.

As it creeps closer, the hideous grin upon its face fills in with rows of wrinkles across its cheeks and forehead. The sickening red color of its skin looks fresh and raw as it rubs its hands together much like a starving man preparing for a holiday feast.


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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 190) Wandering

“Thank god!” Says the elderly man as he takes Tamas in his arms and hugs him in a loving way.

He then speaks to Tamas in their native Hungarian tongue, kisses the young man on the cheek and calmly sends him to the house. Now the old man turns his attention to Stephen.

“He went up there again, didn’t he?” Laszlo questions, as he looks Stephen in the eye.

“Yes, but. . .” Stephen starts to take up for Tamas.

“There is no need to defend him. He knows what he is doing.” States Laszlo as he looks down at the ground. “I’m worried about him; he just started this. . . wandering business. He never used to go up there, not until. . .” His voice trails off as he rubs the back of his neck with his hand.

“Until what?” Stephen asks a bit shocked that they are actually able to carry on a conversation.

After what happened earlier in the morning, with himself in a panic as he ran out of the manor nearly knocking the poor man down, Stephen is surprised Laszlo is allowing him to step foot on the property. The name-calling that followed Stephen’s escape truly upset him and he was just now expecting more of the same from this elderly yet strong man. Thankfully, to immediately order him off his property does not seem to be the case. Laszlo actually acts as if he has something to say.


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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 42) Begins To Grin

To his surprise, the room is not as messy or unkempt as expected. In fact is seems to have been dusted recently for there is very little work to do for it to be livable. Now very excited as to what he might find next he walks back out to the dark entry hall. Looking up at the landing that spans between the two staircases, he feels that if he pulls the tarp from the large window at the top of the stairs, this too may prove to be a showcase room as well.

The staircase curves as it hugs the wall and with each step he begins to grin for this is exactly how he believes he would have felt as a kid. If only his father were here to experience it with him, the entire moment would be much sweeter. When they visited years ago, he desperately wanted to go to the top of this very hill and wander the halls of the mansion but his father would not allow it. Now, here he is standing on the second floor landing looking down the hall at the dark and mysterious doors he thought he would never enter.


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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 508) The End

Any doubts or reservations Lyla may have had are abandoned as she is held in the strength of Crispin’s arms. Both find themselves enveloped in more love and passion than either has ever known.

The warmth of Crispin’s lips near Lyla’s ear sends a fiery spark of energy through her body that he too feels in response. In a delicate loving manner, he softly speaks:

“May thou love me and as the sun follows its course, may thou follow me. As light to the eye, as bread to the hungry, as joy to the heart, may thy presence always be with me, oh one that I love.”

The End

Excerpt 508

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 507) Devoted

Fixed on each other, Lyla and Crispin stand upon the long stone path, hand in hand, not doubting their love or questioning their sincerity. Lyla does not know how, but Crispin has brought her to this beautiful place. Smokey weaves in and out around their legs as she too feels at ease here.

The surroundings are a setting Lyla knows all too well from her dreams. It is a location she recognizes and is familiar with and at one time promoted fear within her. However, that feeling and lack of understanding no longer exists. She knows this is where they will spend the rest of their days together as companions, as lovers, and as builders of their own destiny. Oddly enough, she has a sense of contentment about her. It is as if she has indeed returned home.

With passion and delight, Crispin pulls Lyla to him as they hold each other in the radiance of the bright sunshine. This devoted connection between them is complete and what was to come to be, is now realized and fulfilled.

Excerpt 507

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 506) Just Believe

Standing in front of her, Crispin slowly spins Lyla around to face in the direction of the dwelling behind them. It is not the small cottage where they fell asleep, but a larger version of the same structural design and detail. Flowers spill out of window boxes and a nearby pool of clear water ripples from the constant flow of a low rambling waterfall. Large white rocks stand in the distance offering a bright contrast to the greenery that surrounds them.

“Welcome home, Lyla.” Crispin says as he stands beside her, holding her at the waist.

“This is still a dream, isn’t it?” She questions with doubt in her voice, then laughing as these words leave her lips, “I fell asleep on the bed and now I’m dreaming, right?”

“No,” Crispin grins as he shakes his head. “This is very real, Lyla.”

“But. . . ?” she starts to ask.

“No need to question it, just believe in it.” He replies as he takes both of her hands in his.

Excerpt 506

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 505) Our Home

“You can open your eyes.” Says Crispin as he runs his fingers along Lyla’s chin. The murkiness around them is still there but soon begins to diminish. Lyla can now see Crispin clearly. He is standing in front of her, facing her and he greets her with a wide smile. The feeling of floating has stopped and she looks down at the stone path below her feet.

The hazy misty smoke that surrounds them begins to float away. Starting at their feet it pulls back and clears rather quickly. Shaking her head slightly, she finds herself standing where she has stood before in many dreams and visions. Out in front of her are hills of green and clusters of wildflowers in bloom speckled along the land. The sky is a brilliant color of blue, flecked with dabbles of white puffy clouds that drift slowly past the brightness of the sun.

“What is this?” she questions as she looks around at the gorgeous surroundings. There is no deep ravine or cliff to fall from only miles of tranquil landscape.

“This is home,” says Crispin, “this is our home.”

Excerpt 505

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 504) Foggy Cloud

“Where are we going?” Lyla asks as she feels Crispin’s hand in hers. It is not the interlocked hold they had as they fell asleep, but one of him in front of her, guiding her along. He is gently pulling her through this foggy cloud of shadows and at times, she feels a floating sensation as the wetness of the air moistens her face.

“You will soon see.” Crispin replies.

“This is a dream; I know this is a dream.” Lyla mumbles.

“Dreams can come true.” Says Crispin as they stop moving and seem to be drifting slightly above the ground.

“Where are we?” she asks as she increases her grip on his hand still unable to see anything around her.

Fear is seeping into her mind because this journey feels so real, unlike her typical dreams of late where she knows she is dreaming. This one actually gives her the impression it is truly happening and she finds herself very much afraid of the darkness. The nightmare she had of Quinn forcing her over the cliff is strong in her thoughts. She cannot bear to revisit that experience once again for it too felt real, as real as this does now. What if this is truly happening and what if Quinn is not dead after all?

“I am here with you.” Crispin says as a response to her squeezing his hand. He knows she is afraid, he can feel it in how she is holding his hand and by the sound of her voice.

“Let go of reality, Lyla.” He says in a soft echoing tone. “You can trust me.” They seem to have stopped traveling in this strange and curious hollowness.

Excerpt 504

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 503) Watch Over You

“I am suddenly very tired.” Lyla says as she picks a red grape from the fruit tray and pops it into her mouth. She leans back on the sheets stretching her arms above her head and looks at Crispin. “You need to rest as well.” She grins as she takes his hand.

“Yes, I still feel a bit lethargic and need more time to heal.” He states as he looks over at the big fluffy cat sleeping at their feet. “She seems to have the right idea.” He grins as he pulls Lyla closer to him. “Let me watch over you this time.” Crispin says as they lay down together on the bed. Lyla is secure in Crispin’s arms as he holds her firmly, as if protecting her from something unseen.

“I feel so safe with you.” She whispers as she closes her eyes while caressing his arm with her fingers. Crispin grins slightly as he holds her tight. She slips her hand into his and once he feels her body relax, he knows she has drifted off to sleep. Only then does he too close his eyes.

It is now very quiet, a few hours have passed and night has come. Along with it, a dense gloomy mist has crept in covering the land with its wet and darkening shroud. Grass and plants become shiny and moist from the heaviness of the air.

Excerpt 503

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