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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 38) The Party Begins

“The painting is from Marcus, you can always pick out his work by the brushstrokes.”

“Well, actually. . . I did paint it, but I didn’t give it to you.” says Marcus as he comes through the front door to stand to Lyla’s left.

“Oh, Marcus you’re kidding right?” says Lyla as she turns to look at him. He is stylishly dressed in brown pants and a moss-green dress shirt, which brings out the richness of his brownish blonde hair and hazel eyes. She then hears another familiar voice.

“It is a housewarming gift from me.” says Crispin.

Marnie was so wrapped up in the conversation between Lyla, Rachel and Marcus that she failed to notice Crispin had arrived. He looks very classy in a deep blue suit and tie and a starched bright white dress shirt. He stands to Lyla’s right slightly behind her. Lyla looks over her shoulder at him.

“Oh Crisp, it’s so good to see you.” says Marnie loudly as she wiggles her arm around his like a hook. Holding on tight she is practically jumping up and down with childish energy tugging at Crispin’s arm.

“Hello, Rachel is it? I’m Crispin Duff.” he says as he gently slips his arm from Marnie’s grip doing his best to act like she isn’t even there, and shakes hands with Rachel. Anyone else would get the hint but Marnie stays right with him hovering as close to him as she possibly can.

“Well hello, it’s nice to meet you.” says Rachel. “I love the painting you gave Lyla, it’s absolutely wonderful to look at, very calming and beautiful.”

“Well thank you.” says Marcus and Crispin at the same time. They look at each other for a short second but neither says a word.

“I like to think of it as a local piece made especially with Lyla in mind.” states Crispin as he puts his arm around Lyla’s waist. Marnie is fuming and starts glaring at the back of Lyla’s head. She is steaming because Lyla is getting all of the attention, especially from Crispin.

“Well again, it was very nice to meet you.” says Rachel to Crispin. “Good to see you again Marcus. Send me a painting anytime you feel the need. You are so talented I just love it!” she says as she smiles at him. Marcus takes a step back and holds his hand up as he waves at Rachel and grins. It’s his shy way of saying thank you. He then glances over and looks at Crispin’s arm around Lyla’s waist.

Excerpt 38

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 37) Arrival Of The Guests

Instead of getting into it with Marnie and exploring why her demeanor has changed from what she said just yesterday, Lyla decides to let it go. “I’m pretty sure Crispin will show up sooner or later.” Says Lyla still a bit stumped but she doesn’t have time to play Marnie’s games, not tonight anyway.

“Have you seen Marcus by chance?” asks Lyla as she looks around the foyer. She stands on her tiptoes and glances in the direction of the living room and dining room, which are already filling up with guests. “Um, I don’t think so,” says Marnie obviously unable to concern herself with anyone’s issue but her own. She takes a minute to look around at the individuals in the foyer, but her focus quickly goes right back to her own interests and the front walk.

“Lyla, where on earth did you get the painting that’s hanging over the fireplace in the dining room?” ask Rachel. “It is so beautiful and in the perfect colors, very earthy. It would look great in my home.” she teases as she and Lyla hug.

Excerpt 37

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 36) He Is A Dream

Marnie has been perched at the front door for nearly an hour watching the walkway like a hawk. She is eagerly waiting for Crispin to arrive and is growing impatient as she downs her second drink. Lyla continues to walk throughout the various rooms mingling and chatting with friends. She has gone from the front door, out to the garden and back several times in hopes of finding Marcus. So far, he too is a no-show.

“Lyla,” says Marnie in a low tone as she grabs Lyla’s arm to stop her from moving. “When do you suppose Crisp will get here? I was hoping he would arrive early, he is coming isn’t he?” she asks frantically as she scans the walk once again. The strong scent of alcohol is already prominent on her breath. “I just think he is a dream!”

Lyla is slightly confused about Marnie’s change of heart from yesterday’s conversation in the park to now. She indicated that she was not interested in pursuing Crispin and was even pushing Lyla to move in his direction, but now she is acting just the opposite. Maybe Marnie has already had too much to drink and her true self is showing. Lyla decides to just toss the question out there. “I thought you said you weren’t interested in Crispin.”

Marnie shoots Lyla a quizzical look as if she was just terribly insulted. Then she laughs as she stares at Lyla with disbelief then rolls her eyes. “What? Don’t be ridiculous!”

Excerpt 36

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 35) The Six O’Clock Hour

Penny’s staff has been in high gear for two hours now as the six o’clock hour approaches. Various foods of hot and cold varieties have created a wonderful aroma that flows throughout the house and out to the yard. Trays of fresh fruit and pastries are being prepared and will be served on silver platters by Penny’s wait staff once the attendees begin to arrive. A live band has set up in one corner of the dining room and they are playing music while the dining room table and chairs have been moved to create an open space for a dance floor.

Several of the people Crispin hired are on sight lighting the interior and exterior lights as well as large and small vanilla candles that seem to be in every nook and cranny inside and out. It’s very reminiscent of the way the cottage was all aglow that wonderful evening at dinner. The scent of the candles blend well with the food in a delightful and tempting way by adding a touch of sweetness to the mix.

Smokey has decided to stay on the second floor and observe the group through the staircase railing. Lyla’s friends and neighbors begin to stroll throughout the first floor, drinks and appetizers in hand and laughter abound.

Excerpt 35

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 34) Past Few Nights

“So what did you do today, Lyla?” she asks herself as she moves about the second floor. “Oh I lost my mind and looked in every nook and cranny of my house for ghosts.” she replies as if in an interview. “I’ve also started talking to myself and have been declared insane.” Since Lyla did not find anything out-of-place, she ends up back in her bedroom where she tidy’s up a bit and decides to take an early shower.

The water is warm and the bathroom steams up quickly. Once she finishes washing and shampooing, she turns the water off, wraps up in a towel, and steps out into the steamy room. Looking toward the fogged over mirror she feels a bit anxious as she remembers the dark figure she saw in her room last night. There is an odd feeling welling up as she wipes her hand across the mirror to clear it of its hazy residue.

As she pats her face dry with a hand towel she smiles at her reflection and her mind drifts to Crispin. She thinks of how gracious and kind he has been to her. That night at the cottage was so wonderful and he has such a great smile. He was tender and inviting and she loved listening to him talk as he reminisced about his life. It felt good to be in his arms and she liked how warm he felt as she laid against his chest. She could feel every breath he took as he spoke. She knew she was safe as he held her and she drifted off to sleep. That’s how she would like to feel here in her own home, safe and secure.

Lyla smiles again but swiftly the air is thickening as she feels that familiar coldness slowly move in. She is still looking in the mirror, as the feeling gets more and more prominent. Even the lights seem to dim and become shadowed as if something is passing in front of them. As she looks up, she realizes she can see her breath as she breathes out. Quickly she looks down and to the side as the feeling of someone watching begins to creep in. She looks back in the mirror to see if anything or anyone is behind her but she appears to be alone. Slowly she turns around fully expecting to see the dark mass that has been in the house the past few nights.

Excerpt 34

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 33) She Wants Him There

“What’s out there Smoke-a-mocha?” asks Lyla in a happy tone. Smokey growls and hisses and she bolts past Lyla and runs out the bedroom door. She disappears down the hall and Lyla walks over to look out the window at the backyard. She can see a man walking around in the shade of the trees, but can’t make out who it is. Is it Marcus by chance? It kind of looks like him. Lyla decides to quickly go downstairs. As she turns the corner to go down the hall and out the back door, the man quickly walks past the veranda doors startling her and she jumps.

“That is Marcus, what is he up to?” she says to herself as she takes a few quick steps and opens the door to speak with him. But no one is there. She steps out onto the veranda and is completely alone. “What the?” she questions. “Marcus?” she calls but again, nothing. No one is there, not even a stranger. She quickly grabs her phone and calls Marcus hoping to catch him if he is close by. After about three rings Marcus answers the phone.

“This is Marcus.”
“Hey, it’s Lyla. Sorry I didn’t catch you while you were still here, did you need something?”
“Um, no and where was I supposed to be? I’m about an hour out-of-town on a delivery.”
“Really? You are?” asks Lyla a bit startled. She glances around at the yard again to see if someone is possibly hiding then backs into the sunroom quickly locking the door.
“Yep, is everything okay, did you see something?” quizzes Marcus clearly concerned.
“Oh, no, it’s nothing. I thought I saw you in the backyard. It must have been someone working on the party décor.” says Lyla as she realizes how stupid she must sound. “You are coming to the party tonight, aren’t you?” she asks.
“I might drop in for a minute or two, all depends on how things are going, you know, with this delivery and all.” says Marcus.
“Okay, I’ll see you tonight then, bye.” Lyla does not want to give him the chance to back out of joining the festivities. She wants him there and feels bad that the friendship they have is a bit strained right now.
“Bye.” replies Marcus and he ends the call.
“I hope he comes to the party tonight, you have to Marcus,” says Lyla to herself as she looks out the glass door one last time.

Excerpt 33

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 32) Until Tonight

“Sorry ladies, I overslept, forgot to set my alarm I guess.” says Lyla a bit drawn as she tries to wake up. She lets Penny and Marnie into the house.  “Um, what’s with all the decorating?” asks Penny in a snotty tone as she looks out at the walkway. When she turns toward Lyla she sees that the interior is adorned with beautifully draping garlands of lights and candles. “And in here as well!” she says with a smirk. Penny waddles from the foyer to the living room and then over to the dining room. Instantly her hands begin that familiar twisting and turning as she looks around. Every little bit she throws her arms out and looks at Lyla as if she were deeply insulted.

“Crispin had a group here yesterday when I got home. They did a great job, don’t you think?” asks Lyla as she tries to tuck her hair behind her ear. She wraps up a little tighter in her robe as she follows Penny into the kitchen. “Well, this green garden festive theme is not at all what I had in mind, but I suppose it will have to do.” says Penny in a snobbish way knowing good and well the house is decorated far better than anything she has ever planned. Penny then looks to Marnie as if expecting her to dislike the décor as well, she is quickly shot down.

“Oh wow, oh my my my. I love it!” says Marnie as she explores the rooms touching the decorations then her hair, then she fiddles with her necklace. Marnie’s theatrical behavior is in full swing as she walks in a dancing manner with her arms flowing out touching the greenery at the opening of the living room. She stops and turns to look at Penny. “All I can say is Crisp is an amazing man! I can’t wait until tonight”

Excerpt 32

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To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 31) Silently Watching

“Was I dreaming?” she asks herself as she tries to slow her breathing. Her heart is pounding fast and hard in her chest as sweat beads up on her forehead. She feels warm yet is freezing at the same time. She comes very close to crying.

Lyla stays where she is, still holding onto the headboard and clasping the bed sheet. She tries to gather her senses but she cannot get past the anxious feeling that someone is about to jump out at her. After several minutes of sitting in the dark alone and vulnerable, she gets up and turns on the bathroom light and decides to lie back down. She finds it terribly hard to shake the intensity in the room and she is afraid to close her eyes.

Lying on her back against layers of pillows, Lyla tries to stay in a semi-seated position. She wants to be ready if there is a repeat to the event that happened nearly half an hour ago. As she tries to relax, her eyes slowly close but with the slightest sound she goes right back to being fully awake.

The breeze outside picks up a little which cools the room down and finally she begins to drift off. Her eyes have been closed now for several minutes and she gently rolls over on her side. Facing the window soft moonlight trickles in through the trees and Lyla’s breathing becomes steady and calm. She is finally peacefully asleep but not as she expected for she is not aware of the dark shape that is standing at the foot of her bed silently watching her.

Excerpt 31

To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 30) Instant Anxiety

Lyla is almost asleep when she hears the door to her room squeak lightly as if it were opening. Looking up she can see it moving ever so slightly which makes her heart pound. Soon she realizes that as the curtains billow the door gently moves in the other direction. Smokey begins to grumble in a low tone and her breathing becomes heavy; again the door opens and pushes back ever so slightly with the breeze.

“It’s only the wind Smokey, go to sleep.” mumbles Lyla as she rolls over. But Smokey is getting a little louder which causes Lyla to lean up to see what has her so upset. Her eyes are immediately diverted from looking at the cat. On the interior wall of Lyla’s bedroom is a wide mirror. In it Lyla sees a tall dark human shaped mass reflecting back at her as if someone is standing behind her but in front of the window! She freezes in place.

There is a prickling feeling, almost an ache at the nape of her neck as her body responds to the fear. Frozen, she tries to let her eyes adjust to the darkness thinking it must be an illusion, but whatever or whoever it is has remained!

Instant anxiety hits her and she hastily turns pushing herself to the middle of the bed pulling the sheet and blanket with her. She feels a rush of terror and adrenalin as she backs up against the headboard of the bed holding on to it with one hand. The sudden movement from Lyla causes Smokey to jump from the bed and push her way out through the cracked door.

Excerpt 30

To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 29) Outside The Door

Thinking Marcus is playing a trick on her, Lyla quickly yet quietly steps over to the doorway to listen. The floorboards pop and creak again as if someone is just outside. “Not this time Marcus.” She says to herself as she flings the door open and jumps out into the hall. “Ah ha!” she yells. But no one is there. What she does find however, is dread. It’s a very dark cold feeling that instantly overtakes her numbing her to the core. She is almost frozen completely still as she looks back and forth down the hall by only moving her eyes. She does not turn her head in either direction as she slowly backs into her bedroom quickly pushing the door shut behind her as if it was hot to the touch.

Lyla sits back down at the foot of the bed and rubs Smokey’s ear. Normally this would send the fluffy cat into a purring fit but she doesn’t make a sound in fact she doesn’t respond at all. She sits quiet and still as if listening for the slightest sound from the other side of the door. Smokey’s body is tense and the hairs along her spine are standing straight up.

“What did I do, Smokes? Buy a haunted house?”

Excerpt 29

To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 28) Creaking Floorboards

“Come on, no time for ghost stories.” says Lyla as if she is talking to Smokey but in actuality she is trying to convince herself that everything is fine. “It’s just a dark night with very little moonlight.” She makes her way to the second floor where she feels extremely anxious and doesn’t know why. Smokey bolts past her and disappears down the hall into the bedroom but Lyla remains in the same place.

“Last one there is a rotten egg and I’m always the last one there.” mumbles Lyla as she tries to ease her tension. She looks down the hallway in both directions and everything appears to be normal, so why so jittery? She shivers as she glances around for one last look. She feels it again, that overwhelming sensation of being watched and from close by. The air seems impenetrable making it hard to breath and her gut reaction is to run for her bedroom like a little kid. She stands still for a few seconds before she starts walking. As she takes the first few steps that rushed feeling of someone coming upon her quickly sets in and she quickens her pace. This is the second time she has felt frightened in such a manner and she doesn’t like it one bit. Very quickly she makes her way to her bedroom.

“Oh snap out of it!” Lyla says to herself as she enters her room and shakes her arms out to her sides to help the goose bumps go away. She turns the television on for some low noise as she washes up in the bathroom. She then sits on the edge of the bed while she rubs lotion on her legs, arms, and hands. There is a loud click as she snaps the lid shut on the lotion bottle and sets it aside. Just as she begins to feel comfortable there is a creaking sound from the floorboards in the hall. She realizes the house is old and she keeps telling herself it’s simply settling. The creaking sound alerts Smokey from her bedtime grooming as well and she lays her head down on her paws keeping a watchful eye on the door.

Excerpt 28

To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 27) The Painting

Lyla is in deep thought. She’s trying to make sense of what Marcus has said about Crispin but she just doesn’t see it. In fact, she finds herself wanting to be around Crispin more and more. Lyla stands up and pushes the swinging door open as she turns off the light in the kitchen. At that moment, something from across the foyer in the dining room catches her eye. There was movement but she could not make out if it was a reflection of car lights from the street or a person in the house. She blinks twice trying to get her eyes to adjust to the dark but she feels fear creeping in on her.

“Oh, not this again,” She says to herself. “Hello?” She slowly makes her way toward the dining room. Is anyone there?” She sees a soft glow coming from deep in the dining room. As she enters the room she is drawn to the fireplace. Hanging above the mantel and dimly lit from the bottom is a beautiful painting of two flowers intertwined and spiraling up displaying luscious full creamy blooms at the top. The background colors are blends of deep greens, dark oranges and brown tints, which build a very earthy and realistic look.

“What? This wasn’t here a minute ago. . . I don’t think.” Says Lyla as she gets closer to the artwork. The painting is so detailed that it appears you could reach out and dampen your fingers from the dew on the petals of the flowers. Lyla steps up on the hearth and holds onto the mantel as she studies the painting. She recognizes the brushstrokes immediately. “Marcus, how lovely,” she says in a whisper as she touches the dark wooden frame. “Beautiful!” She says loudly thinking Marcus recently hung this up and is hiding from her. Still standing on the hearth, she turns around looking out at the room. “You got me!” She yells letting him know he has been discovered, but the room is silent. “Come on out Marcus, I know you’re here.” The curtains gently billow from a breeze that blows in through an open window and she walks in that direction.

Excerpt 27