The Eyes Of A Fetch 221-240

The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 240) Close Rendition

“Hey you!” says Marcus as he unlocks the door and immediately gives Lyla a hug. “You look a little better today.” He holds the door open for her to enter the shop. He can sense that something is wrong but does not want to ask Lyla any personal questions in front of Destry.

“Thanks,” she says as she walks in. She waves at Destry and they both smile at each other. “I hope things here are okay, I tried to tidy up a bit. I added a few invoices in the pending file and wanted to make sure you knew where they were.”

“Funny you should mention that, we are going through them now.” Says Marcus as he locks the door and follows Lyla to the counter. In Marcus’ opinion, Lyla seems distant, so he watches her closely. “So, everything okay at the house?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Lyla replies as she looks at the file Destry is working on. “Marcus, do you remember the painting in my dining room? “You know, the one hanging over the fireplace.”

“Um, not really,” he says as if in deep thought. “Things are a bit fuzzy from that time frame you know. But, it seems to me that it was a fairly close rendition of my Intertwined painting which is currently part of my traveling collection.” He says smartly and grins over in Destry’s direction. She looks up and smiles back. “But that’s about the extent of what I know.

Excerpt 240

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 239) This Is Fun

With the passing of the spring rain shower that lasted through most of the night, the sun is shining brightly on the damp surfaces as it quickly warms the ground. Birds are chirping and bathing in the left over puddles as they playfully flutter and splash in the water.

“Good morning,” says Destry as she steps off the spiral staircase of the art shops loft. Marcus is sitting at the counter reviewing invoices and as soon as he sees Destry, he stands to greet her. Meeting her in the center of the room, they embrace and kiss as if they have been away from each other for days. “It is a good morning.” Replies Marcus as he takes her by the hand. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes I did, but I missed you this morning.” She smiles as she kisses him again. “Sorry, I needed to get some of these invoices recorded, didn’t want to be doing that all day today.” He smiles as he leads her to the counter where he keeps a pot of coffee brewing for his customers. “Coffee?” he asks as he grabs the handle of the pot.

She smiles and nods yes as she sits on the stool next to him. Marcus and Destry have become very close and in this short time of getting to know each other, they find themselves to be madly in love with one another.

“Do you want me to go through and read off the names so you can check off your list a little faster?” Destry asks as she grabs a stack of invoices out of the file. “Yes, that would be great. Once we get this tackled I’ll have everything sorted which allows me more time to show you around and introduce you to some of the locals.” Marcus grins because he knows that will be an interesting culture shock to Destry. “Alright, I made it through the B’s, what is the first one in the C section?” Marcus asks as he flips the page in his binder.

“Carson,” says Destry with a funny grin.
“What?” laughs Marcus as he smiles at her.
“This is fun,” she says in a shy way.
“What is. Sitting here reading off names at eight in the morning?” he laughs.
“Yes, yes it is.” She giggles. Interrupting their conversation is a light knock at the door. It is Lyla.

Excerpt 239

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 238) You Were Right

It is very early morning, two or three o’clock, Crispin is not sure of the time. He opens the door to the cottage to find Quinn fast asleep in a chair and still in his day clothes. It looks as if he has been there ever since Crispin walked out from their angry exchange earlier. He gives the door a little nudge shutting it lightly as not to disturb Quinn but the sound is loud enough to wake him from his sleep. He sits up, clears his throat, and nods in Crispin’s direction.

“You’re back,” he says as he slides his hand across his white hair making sure it is lying straight. Crispin does not speak as he hangs his jacket on the hook near the door and pauses for a moment with his back to the room.

“You were right,” he says as he turns around and looks at Quinn. Without speaking another word, he walks across the room and down the dark hallway to bed. Quinn grins slightly as he looks up to check the time on the mantel clock. He then follows Crispin’s lead as he too goes to his own room for a few more hours of rest.

Excerpt 238

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 237) To Tell Him

When Lyla  leans up, he pulls her in kissing her with a long sweet sultry kiss. His lips are soft and gentle as he draws her tightly too him. She responds by wrapping her arms around him and running her fingers along the back of his neck and shoulders. “We are supposed to be together,” he says as he pulls back slightly to speak. “I want you to understand me, please stay with me, please hear me out.” Lyla wants to answer but cannot. She wants to tell him yes. Yes, she will listen and yes, she will stay with him! “Lyla,” he says as he kisses her neck. She trembles as his lips send a tingling sensation across her skin. “You have nothing to fear,” he leans back to look at her.

She is now, but very slowly, able to open her eyes looking directly at him. Eye to eye, only two inches apart, they hold their gaze for what seems like forever. It is as if they are reading the others soul and she is not afraid nor is she upset. Lyla wants to be here, with him, in his arms, and she begins to smile.

“Crispin,” Lyla whispers as she rolls over in bed still deep in her slumber. She lies there, on her side for several minutes before she slowly awakens. Looking over at the last red coal in the fireplace she watches as it very gradually grows cold and loses its bright aura. Her eyes become watery and she studies the dark chunk as it settles on the gray ashes. She closes her eyes and a tear trickles down her cheek onto the pillow.

Excerpt 237

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 236) To Look At Him

Lyla is watching a man and woman sitting on a dark sofa that faces a fireplace. Even though their lips are moving, she cannot hear a word that is spoken between the two. She appears to be invisible to them for they do not react to her standing there, observing. In fact, they are both completely engrossed in their conversation and in each other.

The man takes the drink from the woman and sets it on the table next to them. He then leans in very close to her and whispers something that makes them both laugh. Gently pulling the woman toward him, they lie down on the sofa together. Lyla steps closer for a better look now that they are not as visible as they had been. Suddenly she feels tired and cannot keep her eyes open as they close.

When she opens her eyes again, she finds herself in the arms of the man and she realizes it is her own self that she was watching just seconds earlier. Resting her head on his chest she closes her eyes again, she can hear the rhythm of his heart beating loudly. She is safe, she does not know why she feels this, but she knows it to be true. The man tips his head as it touches hers and she leans up to look at his face.

Lyla is trying very hard to see him but her eyes will not open all the way. It is as if the lids are weighted and too heavy to move and she feels herself becoming frustrated. Stretching and pulling with the muscles of her face, she tries to force her eyes open. As if responding to her aggravation, his body shifts next to her as he turns sideways enabling him to hold her with both arms.

She likes the scent of his shirt and he feels very warm as he surrounds her, protecting her from everything. She is content here with him and his attentive manners. Yet again, as she desperately tries to open her eyes to look at him, she cannot.

Excerpt 236

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 235) Secrets

Slowly, Lyla lies down in bed and covers up. There is an odd feeling inside her, depression might be too strong a word, but she is down or sad for some reason. On one hand, she is tired and wants nothing more than to sleep her cares away. On the other hand, she is somewhat fascinated by what transpired or what she thinks took place tonight.

“Who are you?” she says as she rolls over to look at the fireplace. She is thinking of the man that she believes Marnie was talking about, the man with the green eyes. “What secrets do you hold?” she mumbles as her eyes close slightly. “What secrets do we share?” she whispers slowly as she drifts off to sleep.

The flames of the fire are dancing wonderfully across the large chunks of wood in the fireplace. Vivid orange embers glow brightly as they fall through the grate to the gray ash below. Keeping an eye on the flames, she realizes she is in a different room than her own. There is a sensation of slipping backward until she finds herself in a corner, looking out, watching a man and woman as they talk and laugh.

Excerpt 235

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 234) Worries

Glancing down the hall, Lyla sees that the veranda doors are closed. Turning to her right she walks over to the front door and finds it is locked and secure. The little table she pushed the man into knocking it over is sitting perfectly in place, as is the stained glass lantern. Everything seems to be normal as if the frightening event never took place.

“I don’t understand,” she says to herself as she runs her fingers across the lock of the front door. “Was Marnie ever here? Am I dreaming? What is happening to me?” She unlatches the lock and steps out onto the front porch. It is raining again, or had it ever stopped? Has she imagined it all? Stepping back into the house, she hears Smokey meow.

“Hey sweet girl,” she says as she walks to the center of the foyer meeting Smokey halfway. “I think I’m losing my mind. I don’t know what’s real or if I’m dreaming.” She bends down to pet her cat. This movement causes Lyla to wince in pain. Her shoulder hurts quite a bit, so she knows at least some part of tonight’s events were indeed very real; she has the injury to prove that she fainted. The question to herself is; did she faint of her own accord, or was there indeed a confrontation that was at play?

Confused and exhausted and possibly in a slight state of shock, Lyla goes upstairs and takes a quick shower. As she bathes, she worries that her sense of reality is slipping away. With a nice fire warming her room, she finishes her shower and slips into her night clothes.

Excerpt 234

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 233) Clouded

Lyla cannot comprehend what is happening. As she panics, she falls into a state of hysteria. Closing her eyes tightly, she braces herself by firmly pressing her body up against the wall. She is unsure of what to expect next as she slowly opens her eyes to look directly at her tormenter.

Crispin stops where he is hoping this will prove he is not a threat. Yet, as he opens his mouth to state his plea he sees the expression of extreme fear on Lyla’s face. Now he realizes that what Quinn had been telling him is true, Lyla is indeed frightened of him.

The murkiness of the room grows darker and darker as Lyla’s vision becomes more clouded. She can no longer see the front door or the man that was walking toward her. Through her tear-filled eyes, she squints trying to keep track of where this menacing being is when suddenly a strong burst of air opens the doors of the veranda sending an incredible blast of wind through the bottom floor of the house.

Lyla ducks down and closes her eyes to protect herself. She huddles near the floor with her hands over her ears and suddenly everything stops. There are no screams, no rushing wind, and no words spoken. Slowly she opens her eyes and finds she is alone in the foyer. The thick misty fog that had engulfed the area is gone.

“What?” she questions as she stands up and looks around.

Excerpt 233

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 232) Backing Away

Turning around in defense, Crispin is within inches of Lyla’s face. His eyes are glowing in a fierce way as they meet hers. They appear as two pools of rapidly swirling green smoke with white flashes of sparking light. This is exactly what Lyla saw just seconds before passing out a few hours earlier.

Backing away in terror, she covers her mouth to avoid screaming out as she continues to retreat until her back hits the wall. The air around them is so murky that she can only focus on his eyes. With all the commotion and tainted air, she does not recognize him as the man that protected her from the large dog in the early morning hours. His eyes, they are the only thing she seems to see as the foggy mist that surrounds them both now becomes thicker. As he approaches her, Crispin watches Lyla’s horrified reaction to him and it cuts at his heart.

“No, you don’t understand.” He says as he reaches out to calm her, his eyes now slowly shifting to their natural state but this is no comfort to Lyla.

“Get away from me!” she yells as she steps to the side sliding her way along the wall in the direction of the kitchen door. He walks toward her and once he is within reach, she starts to fight him off with punches and screams. “No! Get away!” She says as she pushes back. Clearly, she is distraught and it is apparent that no words will relax her, for she is not and will not listen to what he has to say.

Excerpt 232

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 231) Let Her Go

Suddenly and very abruptly, Marnie stops. She does not make another sound. Not because she is hurt, but because she is beyond frightened. Her eyes are wide with an unresponsive look, as if she has fallen into a deep state of shock. Lyla is now up on her feet but unsure of what to do. She yells at the man.

“Let her go!” she says in a demanding way.

Lyla then backs up because she is not sure of who this man is or what he might do. However, nothing changes, he does not move or respond, nor does Marnie. He simply continues to hold her perched in place as if hooked to the wall. The unresponsive situation does not sit well with Lyla for she fears this man or thing is hurting her friend, just as she herself was hurt earlier in the kitchen. Lyla’s adrenaline is at a high as she runs up behind the man.

“I said let her go!” she pushes him to the side knocking him into the table that holds the stained glass lantern.

The entire piece of furniture falls over dropping the lantern to the floor. A large piece of its colorful glass breaks away and slides up under the curtain near the door. At the same time, this scuffle releases Marnie from the man’s hold and as soon as her feet hit the floor, she awakens from her trance and bolts out the door.

Excerpt 231

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 230) Cloudy Mist

Lyla cannot make out exactly what is going on. Everything is happening too fast and the air around them has become clouded in some type of gray fog. Then Lyla hears it, Marnie begins to scream at the top of her lungs. It sounds like nothing Lyla has ever heard before. The disturbing shrieks are so unbearable that Lyla covers her ears to muffle them. Rolling over, she tries to get to her feet as she looks over at where Marnie is. She is being pressed up against the door, which is open all the way to the wall.

The man, or what appears to be a man, is restraining her there with one hand on each shoulder. He has her suspended two feet off the floor as she kicks and screams in agony! It is incredibly difficult for Lyla to see exactly what is going on because of the obscurity of the thick air. It is obvious that Marnie is staring directly at the man’s face and screaming as if she is being tortured. She lets out three long shrieks as black swirls of cloudy mist swarms around them like a spinning cloud of bees.

Excerpt 230

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 229) This Thing

“Marnie, no, stop!” yells Lyla as the front door swings all the way open. It is all she can do to stay on her feet as Marnie presses forward pushing her into the foyer until she succeeds in knocking her to the ground. Lyla feels the pain from her left shoulder again as her body is plummeted onto the firm wooden floor.

Swinging wildly, Marnie is striking Lyla on her arms and legs. The painful blows are coming hard and fast. Still very weak from the episode earlier, Lyla is doing all she can to defend herself. Her arms are up to protect her head as she lies under the weight of her attacker.

It is obvious Marnie is far more disturbed than anyone imagined and Lyla does not want to hurt her friend, but she cannot just lie here and take much more of this abuse. Marnie’s eyes look unnatural during this horrible assault and Lyla has never seen her like this before. For that matter, she has never been around a person in such a state of mind. Sitting over Lyla, Marnie raises her right hand back then comes down with great force to slap Lyla across the face.

Mere seconds before the impact of Marnie’s hand on Lyla’s cheek, something dark and thick circles around her and with incredible strength, pulls her off Lyla. This thing wraps around her like a large broad band of rope violently yanking her off the ground sucking her back and slamming her into the wall near the door.

Excerpt 229

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 228) Beyond The Glow

“There is malevolence in his beautiful eyes, Lyla. He was so mean to me; he scared me and called me names! I never did anything to deserve what he did!” Marnie starts to cry and keeps looking out at the dark yard as if she expects someone to join them. She pulls Lyla close to her and leans in to her ear. “He’s out there you know, he’s always out there watching.” Marnie whispers and moves to the side as she looks over Lyla’s right shoulder. “He’s here now.” She whispers eerily.

“Who, Marnie? Who is here?” asks Lyla now buying into the fact that someone must be in the yard standing just beyond the glow of the lights. Nervously, she turns to look behind her to see if someone is there and that is when Marnie explodes with anger.

“You were the reason he came here!” Marnie screams as she steps back while pulling on Lyla’s arms. Then in a normal tone she says, “You brought him here and then seduced him away from me!” she glares at Lyla full of hatred. She is now much louder than she has been, and is practically screaming.

“Because of you everything is off track, you messed everything up! He is supposed to be with me! I’m the one he wanted!” Without any warning, Marnie pounces on Lyla and begins to shake her violently.

Excerpt 228

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 227) Better State

Clutching one of Lyla’s sleeves in each hand, Marnie is pulling on them as she talks; much like a small exited child would to their parent. Lyla is finding it difficult to follow the radical statements Marnie is blurting out and it is equally as difficult to pull herself away from her firm hold.

“Why is he here, Lyla!” she jerks down hard on Lyla’s sleeves almost pulling her to the floor. “You stole him from me Lyla!” Marnie screams as she grabs Lyla’s wrists and tightens her grip.

“What are you talking about, Marnie?” Lyla asks in a calm tone, she is trying to keep some control to this conversation. Since Marnie is showing serious signs of aggression, Lyla wants to gently break free from her hold and end this discussion quickly. Yet, she is also interested in what her friend has to say.

Even in the strange state of mind that Marnie is in, she knows something about the oddities of Lyla’s home. She is hopeful this information may help her understand the bizarre events of late and possibly help her in assisting Marnie to a better state of mind.

Excerpt 227

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 226) Pure Evil

Suddenly, Marnie turns and slams her fist on the door of the house with a loud bang. This causes Lyla to jump and tighten the hold she has on it. She is not sure about Marnie’s state of mind, for her demeanor is swinging from happy to angry in a matter of seconds. She fears she may become violent if something strikes her the wrong way.

“I was handling my thoughts and memories well until I saw him here, watching you! Why is he always watching you!” screams Marnie like a jealous teenager.

“Watching me? Who is watching me, Marnie?” Lyla glances around at the yard.

“He is pure evil you know, Lyla.” States Marnie as she slides her back against the frame of the door. “He can act sweet and win your trust; he gave me flowers and danced with me.” She looks down at her feet then rolls her eyes up and to the side as she looks at Lyla with an odd expression. “But then he turned on me.” Marnie shifts quickly to look behind her then hastily spins back to face Lyla.

“I was so frightened.” She glances around wildly again as she grabs the long sleeves of Lyla’s shirt.

Excerpt 226

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 225) Just You Wait

Lyla stands there looking at Marnie not buying into the drama but again, not wanting to dismiss her immediately either. Obviously, she is very fragile right now emotionally and Lyla does not want to do anything that will set her off.

“You really don’t remember? You don’t remember his strange green eyes?” Marnie asks with determination. This shocks Lyla a bit, for she just experienced a very dramatic episode involving an entity with green eyes. “I’m not making this up! I’m not crazy like everyone thinks!” Screeches Marnie, as her eyes grow wild. “Just you wait Lyla; he’ll kill you just like he killed Penny! I don’t know why he spared me.” Marnie’s expression quickly changes to a happy little and almost devious grin.

“Maybe that’s it, maybe he is here to taunt you and not me; do you think that’s why he is out there? Do you think he is here to drive you insane?” She glances out at the darkness and begins running her hands through her hair in her typical flirtatious manner. “That has to be it, he is looking for another kill!” says Marnie as she looks down at her clothing.

Excerpt 225

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 224) Make It Stop

“What’s going on with you, Marnie?” Lyla asks now opening the door a little further. Marnie stands there looking dreadful. Her face is bloated and her clothes look wrinkled, as if she has been sleeping in them and for all Lyla knows, maybe she has. Slowly, Marnie glances over her shoulder and then back toward Lyla.

“I’m not well, I’m being haunted and I want it to stop.” She says as she looks over her shoulder once more at the darkened path that leads to the road. The spring storm has passed and the sun has set. Little beads of water continue to cling to every surface sparkling in the glow of the street lamps. Lyla squints as she tries to look into the shadows of the night.

“How can we make it stop, Marnie?” Lyla asks hoping she will get an answer that may assist her in helping her friend.

“Why is everything always in my lap, why do I have to solve all the problems? No one knows all the things I have to go through each day. I can’t handle this; everything is always placed on me.” Marnie moans. She leans over as if sobbing but Lyla has seen this in Marnie before. She can put on a good act when she wants something to go her way. Just as Lyla expected, when Marnie raises her head, there is not one single tear in her eyes.

Excerpt 224

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 223) Not As Odd

Lyla does not want to open the door, but what if Marnie truly needs help? Could her brother have been mistaken in thinking she never left the house earlier? She feels she must do what she can to help her friend and possibly uncover answers to many of her own questions along the way. Lyla unlatches the lock and barely cracks the door open.

“Hi,” says Marnie. It is obvious she has been crying. Her eyes are puffy and streaks of makeup are around her eyes and running down her cheeks.

“Does your brother know you’re here?” Lyla asks without opening the door more than a crack.

“No, he thinks I’m sleeping.” She states honestly, as she leans against the doorjamb.

Her statement leads Lyla to believe that Marnie may have tricked her brother earlier today as well. In some odd way, hearing this from her actually makes Lyla feel better. Maybe things are not as odd as she feared.

Excerpt 223

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 222) Faint Knock

After Marcus and Destry leave, Lyla continues to sit on the settee in the sunroom trying to work up enough nerve to walk down the hall and then upstairs to bed. Half an hour has now passed and she has finally forced herself to stand up. She does not attempt to turn off any of the lights as she makes her way to the bottom of the staircase. Just as she lifts her foot to take the first step, there is a faint knock at the front door. Peering out the small window, she does not see anyone waiting. Then tap, tap, tap. More knocks are on the door.

“Who is it?” asks Lyla as she leans her forehead up against the thick wooden door. It feels cool to the touch and she just stands there listening and praying that it is only the wind.

“It’s Marnie,” replies a soft voice from outside. Lyla hesitates now that she is unsure of what is real and what is not. Just hours ago Marnie was here and she was not at all pleasant. Yet, her brother confirmed there was no way Marnie could have been at Lyla’s house. She thought Marnie’s mind was going, but now she wonders if it is her own that is no longer attached to reality.

Then there is the threatening form that overwhelmed her tonight in the kitchen. She has no explanation for it, it simply does not make sense, yet she feels that it is all indeed very real. Furthermore, she strongly believes that her occurrences here have a connection in some way to what she experienced while in Madrid.

Excerpt 222

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 221) Slight Smirk

“You cannot go back to what you think you had with her. It cannot and will not ever be restored.” Quinn states firmly. A slight smirk crosses Quinn’s lips as if he enjoys beating Crispin at this competition. Crispin lets go of Quinn’s arm in a forceful way. “You can stop now and nothing more will come of it but if you continue to push forward with your absurd plan, then expect to be rejected.” Quinn smoothes the wrinkles on his shirt left there by Crispin’s tight clinch. “You have betrayed my trust.” Says Crispin coldly.

“I have saved you from heartache and trouble!” Replies Quinn as he raises his voice to an overpowering level. “You are here for one reason and one reason only. This fairytale of yours is not part of the process and it is best you reevaluate your goals now!” Quinn stands firm and unwavering as Crispin glares at him with loathing eyes. “You are not to frighten Lyla again!” Crispin says in a low harsh tone, “Do you understand me old man?”

“It is not me she is afraid of.” Replies Quinn as he looks Crispin in the eye for several seconds then nods yes as if agreeing with something. “If a rogue deceives me once shame on him.” Crispin says in a grumble. He does not divert his intense gaze. “If he deceives me twice shame on me.” He turns and grabs his jacket off the brass hook near the door. When he places his hand on the doorknob, he pauses as if he plans to say something.

“Where are you off to?” asks Quinn in a low tone. “Never you mind.” Replies Crispin as he turns the knob pulling the door open. He steps through the threshold slamming the heavy wooden door shut behind him and the room of the cottage grows quiet.

Excerpt 221

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