The Eyes Of A Fetch 341-360

The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 360) Aversion

“The attic?” Lyla asks a bit shocked. She never expected to discover that her memories of the party would be tied to the attic. However, that is where the rescue team found her with Marcus. Unfortunately, this means she must enter the little pantry door in the kitchen and that will be a very hard task.

The dark diminutive space causes her distress and fear that she cannot explain. Each time she has tried to overcome this angst, something strange has happened which merely reinforces her aversion to it.  With visiting the attic now on the agenda, she instantly feels her heart rate go up.

“Yes, the only way for your true memories to return, will be by spending time in the attic space above us.” Crispin says as he pushes the swinging door open into the kitchen.

“I don’t know,” she says nervously. “Maybe I’m not ready for this.” She stops halfway through the doorway and smiles at him anxiously.

“It’s quite alright, Lyla, I’m here with you.” He says as he puts his arm around her gently pulling her with him as he steps closer to the little door.

Excerpt 360

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 359) He Looks Up

From where Lyla is in the kitchen, she hears a faint knock on the front door. “Oh good, Crispin did come back.” She says as she walks from the kitchen to the door. Opening it up she finds her intuition was true.

“Hello, Lyla.” Says Crispin as he watches her carefully for a reaction. She steps out and gives him a hug. “What’s that for?” he questions.

“I just want you to know everything is okay.” She says as she tugs at his arm pulling him into the house. “I do have more questions though.”

“Oh yes? What about?” He quizzes.

“The night of the party, I need to know everything that happened the night of the party.” She says.

“Why? What has prompted such an interest?” he questions.

“Marcus did.” She replies. Crispin lifts his chin a bit as he looks up at the ceiling and Lyla continues. “He brought up a few things and I need to know the truth. I need to find all of my memories from that night.” She says as she stands directly in front of him.

“Alright then.” Crispin says in a low tone, “We must start in the attic.”

Excerpt 359

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 358) Intentions

Marcus hears Crispin’s words loud and clear. With all of his memory back in full force, he knows Crispin can easily kill him, right here in the middle of the street with no questions asked. He also knows Destry can become more of a target than she already is but how is he supposed to protect Lyla in this as well? He cannot just let her fall victim to this malice. “What is your obsession with Lyla? Don’t you think you’ve hurt her enough?” Marcus states firmly standing his ground, but inside he is petrified. Crispin lets out a loud boisterous laugh that startles him.

“You really think I have to answer to you?” Crispin asks as he smiles. “My intentions are good when it comes to Lyla, so do not worry your creative little mind about that. I assure you, Marcus. . . I will protect and care for Lyla far better than anyone, including you.” He holds his stance and Marcus takes a step back.

“If you hurt her. . .” Marcus starts to say but Crispin interrupts him.

“I won’t, Marcus. . . you have my word on that.” Crispin practically bows as he steps back.

He turns and slowly walks into the shadows of the tree-lined street. A slight tapping sound echoes with each step taken. Marcus strains as he watches him walk away and maybe he is just tired from jet lag, but it looks as if Crispin disappears into thin air. Rubbing his eyes Marcus tries to focus again in the direction of Crispin’s retreat but it seems he is now quite alone. Shivering slightly, he is not sure if the air is simply cooler, or if his contact with Crispin is the cause.

Marcus resumes walking in the direction of the art shop but his pace quickens after only a few steps. In his mind, he cannot get to Destry fast enough.

Excerpt 358

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 357) Telling You

Marcus knows exactly what Crispin is capable of doing, and out here in the dark, there would be no witnesses. However, this knowledge does not sway him from standing firm.

“I’m not threatening you, Marcus. I’m asking that you mind your own business for a change and stop trying to control Lyla.” Crispin says calmly. “Control Lyla? You have a lot of nerve making a statement like that!” states Marcus loudly.

“Shhhh,” Crispin shushes Marcus like a child as he glances up and down the street. Then in a sarcastic manner says, “A loud voice can make even the truth sound foolish.” Again, Crispin looks up and down the street then steps very close to Marcus. “I am asking you. . . no, I am telling you that you need to back off and worry about your own dealings. Long churning makes bad butter my friend.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Marcus asks. “It means,” says Crispin as he grits his teeth with anger, “you need to stay out of my business Marcus and let Lyla do her own thinking.” Crispin cannot make this statement any more blatant.

Excerpt 357

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 356) Threatening

As Marcus pushes through the back gate of Lyla’s yard, Crispin steps under the glow of the streetlight and approaches him immediately. His demeanor is far from what it was several minutes ago.

“Marcus, dear friend,” says Crispin as he walks up putting his arm around him as if they are old pals. “I find it rather annoying that you are still interrupting my plans.” Marcus is caught off guard and completely unsure of what to say. He is still very angry but now feels slightly intimidated as he walks along with Crispin’s slow pace. “Lyla and I have been doing quite fine without your meddling ways. Do you see me interfering with you and Ms. Boucher? No, you don’t but you know with all your heart that if needed, I can indeed wreak havoc on your beloved’s life.” Crispin tightens his arm around Marcus and their steps become even slower.

“I think you understand what I’m saying, can you confirm that for me?” he asks politely. Marcus does not say a word and Crispin stops walking. “I like you, Marcus. You and I could actually be good friends. Don’t you think?” he asks in a lighthearted manner, Marcus does not reply. “I’ve been given a second chance at winning Lyla’s heart and I will not let you destroy what she and I have accomplished.” Crispin releases his hold on Marcus and both men stand face to face under the dim streetlights.

“So you’re threatening me?” says Marcus rather boldly.

Excerpt 356

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 355) Fool Again

“Duff plays games with people, Lyla. Don’t you remember?” Marcus lowers his voice and becomes calm. “No one is safe around that guy or the goons he employs. I just watched it happen. His right hand man Quinn was on the phone with him when Destry and I left. If Duff gave a flying leap about anyone he would not have let Quinn restrict the family from gathering what is rightfully theirs.” Marcus walks over to Lyla and gives her a hug.

“I don’t want you to get hurt.” Says Marcus softly. They hold each other in the foyer for quite some time before either one says another word. Lyla speaks first. “Listen, you should go home, relax and get some sleep. I’ll pop in tomorrow and we can discuss things when you’re not so worked up.” She says in a tranquil tone. “I think we both have things to share and maybe when we’re not so exhausted everything will make more sense.”

“You should stay with me. I don’t like the thought of you being here alone, especially if he is back. Damn, I brought Destry here so she wouldn’t have to endure being around anyone from Duff Industries and here we are, in the middle of the lair.” Marcus stops and looks toward the back door. “And right now she is alone and your buddy Duff sure did want to leave quickly! I’ve got to go!” says Marcus hastily.

“Marcus, he has no reason to go after her.” Yells Lyla as Marcus runs out the back door. “At least I don’t think he does.” She mumbles, as she stands in the house, alone, and in the dark. A shiver goes through her. “Has this all been a well planned ploy and I’m the fool again?”

Excerpt 355

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 354) Caged Animal

“I have remembered things as well and I’ve learned things about him that you have no concept of.” Lyla says forcefully as she defends herself. “Believe me, I understand where you’re coming from but sometimes you need the whole story before you make rash decisions!”

“Lyla! He tried to kill us all and if it hadn’t been for the storm, he would have succeeded!” Replies Marcus.

“No, that’s not at all how it was. I remember the party.” She says.

“Do you? What do you remember? The guests showing up? Maybe the music? Do you remember me dragging you away from him and telling you I found Penny? Do you remember him grabbing me by the throat pushing me away from you until he slammed me up against the wall so hard that it knocked me out?” Marcus runs his fingers through his hair once again as he paces back and forth in the foyer like a caged animal.

Excerpt 354

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 353) Kind Of Story

It is obvious that Marcus is dead serious about his warnings to Crispin. Lyla nods to Crispin that she understands his statement as he steps back into the house just as Marcus turns around.

“I’m going to make sure he leaves.” Marcus mumbles as he follows Crispin. Lyla grabs for his arm but he pulls away without a pause. Once he is halfway down the hall, he sees Crispin go out the front door. Quickly he runs up and locks it. Turning around Lyla is standing in the hall with a look of disbelief on her face.

“What in the hell are you doing talking to that, that horrible thing for?” asks Marcus as he runs his hand through his curly hair and paces back and forth full of anger. “Have you gone nuts?”

Lyla just looks at him and tries to think of how to explain what she has learned from Crispin about his life. “Marcus, I. . .” stammers Lyla but he interrupts her.

“I remember what was going on with him, I remember what I researched, and I remember finding Penny dead!” says Marcus loudly. “Then here you are acting like you’re the best of friends. What kind of story is he telling you that you actually believe it?”

Excerpt 353

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 352) Brainwashed

“What the hell are you doing here?” Yells Marcus as he clenches his fists and heads in Crispin’s direction. He grabs Crispin by his collar shoving him against the side of the house. His foe does not fight back but merely stands firm and unemotional. “I should kill you for all the evil things you’ve done!” Marcus says as he once again grits his teeth together. He has the top of Crispin’s shirt clutched tightly in his hand and is so full of rage that it almost frightens Lyla. With his other hand locked into a fist he holds it up ready to punch.

“No Marcus, you don’t understand!” Lyla yells as she steps in between them. “What the hell are you doing? Have you been brainwashed by this monster?” Marcus asks while continuing to holding Crispin in position and still keeping his fist tight for a punch. He wants so badly to hit Crispin in the face.

“No she has not and I understand your frustration, Marcus.” Crispin says in a very businesslike and distinguished manner. “I believe its best that I go.”

“Damn right it is!” Marcus yells as he releases his hold and turns away. Lyla looks at Crispin as a hint of doubt enters into her mind. Can she truly trust what Crispin told her? His demeanor is unruffled and he looks Lyla directly in the eye as he speaks. “You two need to talk, I will be back and I will give my side of the story.” Crispin says peacefully. He then leans in closer to Lyla. “Listen to me; I can explain all of this.” Marcus overhears this statement.

“You better get the hell out of here now before I come unglued and we both end up in the morgue!” Marcus says loudly and without turning to face Crispin.

Excerpt 352

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 351) Leading Him

“We just got back. It’s pretty cool to leave Spain in the morning and arrive home by night.” Marcus grins as he refers to his appreciation for the time difference. “It’s like traveling back in time. Man I am tired though. Whatever you’re cooking smells great.” He walks over to where Lyla is standing. “You have company?” he asks as he looks at the table setting for two.

“Yes, I. . . we just finished with dinner.” Lyla is wondering how Marcus will feel once he realizes she and Crispin have been spending time together. After all, Marcus disliked Crispin from the very beginning and she remembers all the research he did as well as the warnings he proclaimed. Now she realizes how accurate he was about most of it. What is he going to say when Crispin steps out the door?

“Who’s here?” he asks as he looks toward the open veranda door. “So what’s going on with Destry?” Lyla asks as she grabs Marcus by the arm leading him out to the yard. He does not seem to question her actions.

“It’s awful, she’s completely wiped out. Those goons have destroyed everything her Grandmother built and have practically kicked the family off the property without any personal belongings.” He folds his arms.

“I thought you said they would be hauling things off.” Replies Lyla worried that Crispin may be on his way back to the table.

“Yeah, three days, that ass gave them three days!” Marcus grits his teeth as he talks. He is tired from the trip, worried about Destry, and has more things to tell Lyla than he can even imagine touching on right now.

At the worst possible time, Crispin comes out from the house carrying the cheesecake.

Excerpt 351

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 350) With A Wink

With the sun below the horizon, there is a band of red skirting the sky to the west. Off in the distance, the light of day descends for the night. It is late evening and pushing nine o’clock. Several lit candles are on the table creating a romantic subtle glow between Lyla and Crispin. She is enjoying his company immensely but finds herself wanting to question him about Destry’s family. In the message she received from Marcus, it sounded like they would not be allotted sufficient time to move personal items out of the house. She wants to know why these dealings must be handled in such a ruthless manner but is afraid of creating a wedge between them by voicing her concern.

“I have cheesecake in the kitchen,” She says as she gets ready to stand up. “No, you stay right here. I will take our plates in and return with dessert.” Says Crispin as he gathers as much as he can without spilling anything. Lyla sits grinning as he stacks and turns the plates, bumping the table and almost spilling the wine in the process. With a wink to Lyla, he turns and successfully carries everything into the house and down the hall.

“Hey, you eating out alone?” says Marcus as he comes through the back gate. Startle,d Lyla turns around and stands up. “Marcus?” she asks as she squints to see into the darkness.

Excerpt 350

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 349) I Tend To Plan

“I remember you referencing your Grandmother several times the night we spent at your cottage.” Lyla laughs in a shy manner. “Ah, yes. I was quite fond of her.” Crispin raises his glass. “A toast, to dearest smiling Maimeo Caer Duff,” Lyla raises her glass to his and holds it there as he speaks.

“It is easy to be pleasant when life flows by like a song, but the one worthwhile is the one who will smile, when everything goes dead wrong.” Crispin runs his finger along Lyla’s hand. “For the test of the heart is trouble, and it always comes with years, and the smile that is worth the praises of earth is the smile that shines through the tears.” He clinks his glass to hers and they both take a drink.

“You loved her very much, didn’t you?” Lyla smiles and Crispin nods yes and takes another drink of wine. “So, what did she say about you?” She asks as she puts her glass to her lips and watches him over the rim.

“Um, when I was young she used this the most.” Crispin clears his throat as if preparing for a speech. “No matter how tall your grandfather was, you have to do your own growing.”

“What about now?” Lyla asks. “Well, the dear sweet woman has been gone now for several years but this was a reference she used often.” Crispin sets his glass down and glances away for a moment then looks at Lyla,

“If he’s not fishing, he’s mending his nets.” Crispin looks very serious for several seconds then smiles and says, “In other words, I tend to plan things carefully.” Lyla smiles back but then becomes a bit more subdued.

“Did you plan this?” she asks as a challenge as she looks him in the eyes almost defiant. “No,” he replies without wavering or breaking his gaze.

Excerpt 349

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 348) Trapped

Sitting outside under the shelter of the veranda, Lyla and Crispin enjoy the meal as they discuss various topics. Neither seems to be overly eager to talk about serious matters. They discuss the garden and pond, favorite foods, what they like about various cities around the world, most of which Crispin has visited in person. Lyla finds this fascinating and then their conversation leads into dreams they had as children and what they wanted to be when they grew up.

“I’m slightly jealous that you’ve been to so many places.” Lyla says to Crispin. “I always wanted to travel the world and write about different cultures, funny how life can take you down a different path.”

“Yes, we do tend to get sidetracked and before you know it, you’re trapped.” Crispin says in a low tone. “Are you referring to something in particular or as an overall statement?” Lyla quizzes. She wonders if his life feels like a trap to him. It would be a stretch to think he enjoys his work when in a sense; he has no choice in what he does.

“I can easily say both individual and overall. We get so consumed with the task at hand or the goal at the end that the little things which usually mean the most, are swept away.” He states very poetically, he then follows with, “I can hear my Grandmother now.” Crispin adjusts his position, wrinkles up his nose and points at Lyla.

“He is always in the field when luck is on the road.” Crispin laughs while using a funny voice. He then says, “She always said that about my Grandfather.”

Excerpt 348

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 347) The Evening

“I’m free for the rest of the evening, what can I do to assist with dinner?” Crispin asks. Lyla looks at him and smiles. “Let’s start the grill and go from there.” She jumps up and grabs a box of matches from a cabinet that sits under the security of the veranda’s roofline.

“I brought a bottle of chilled wine. Why don’t you get two glasses and I’ll start the coals.” He replies as he holds the bottle of red liquid. “You have a deal.” Lyla says as she hands him the matches.

Smiling, she  walks off to the kitchen while Crispin steps outside, pours lighter fluid on the coals and strikes the match. Within seconds, a tall flame begins to dance as it goes to work for many minutes turning the coals from black to pale gray.

Lyla took the grocers advice and after several minutes of cooking and conversation, the entire meal turns out wonderful. The steaks are thick and juicy, the potatoes fluffy and buttery, and the bread with the salad completes the presentation. She also picked up a cheesecake, topped with strawberries for dessert.

Excerpt 347

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 346) My Fault

“Lyla wake up, Lyla!” says Crispin as he sits next to her on the settee. He is holding her in his arms as she thrashes about trying to break free. She opens her eyes. “What? What happened?” she questions then she looks at Crispin. At first, she is frightened but as he relaxes from trying to wake her, she grabs him hugging him close. He smiles and hugs her back.

“What’s going on?” he asks with a grin. “Are you okay?” he pulls back so he can see her face. “I am now, I. . . I was having a nightmare.” She replies. “In the afternoon, hum?” Crispin smiles at her. “That would be my fault.”

“What?” Lyla asks. She wonders if he knows what she was dreaming. Actually, in her mind she questions if it was really a dream at all. “I kept you up too late.” He replies.

“Oh,” she says realizing he is not talking about her dream at all. “Yes, maybe this cat nap did me some good.” It then dawns on her. How did Crispin get in the house? Had she left a door unlocked? “How, how did you. . . ?”

“Get in the house?” he quizzes. Lyla nods yes. “You left the veranda door unlocked.”

“Oh. I guess I did that after I set the grill up.” She scoots up into a sitting position. “What time is it?”

“Five thirty.” He replies as he watches her intently. “What were you dreaming about?”

“Oh, I uh. . . I really don’t remember.” She says as she looks away. How can she tell him she was dreaming of a beautiful field filled with droves of people grabbing at her and acting as if they wanted to devour her? Most importantly, they all looked like him.

Excerpt 346

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 345) To Join Her

It is a very dark night; the moon is but a sliver as millions of stars overtake the sky. Standing barefoot in a meadow of lush green grass, Lyla looks up and feels a sensation, as if she is floating. She closes her eyes for just a moment as she slowly lies back in the grass. It is wet with dew but does not feel cold. She hears footsteps as they approach her and she smiles, for she knows it is Crispin coming to join her.

Leaning up on her elbows, she looks forward but does not see him there. The footsteps draw very near and now sound as if they are behind her. Grinning she turns and stands up but is not greeted by the man she is falling in love with. Instead, she finds herself surrounded by many people, all wearing the face of Crispin and all focusing in on her.

Thousand of arms are reaching out; thousands of hands are wiggling their fingers as if fighting each other to touch her first. Terror overcomes Lyla as she turns to run in an attempt to get as far away from this horde of people as possible. However, with her first step she is stopped and held tightly around the arms and she begins to scream!

Excerpt 345

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 344) Quiet House

The last time Lyla opened the door to the little nook, was to free Smokey, and then darkness overcame her. Thinking about this makes her shiver and she quickly exits the small space closing the door with a loud bang. She begins to sort out the events in her mind.

“If it was Crispin that came up behind me. . . why would he do that?” she says aloud as she slowly turns around. “Was it me? Did I envision the whole thing? Was I so frightened I caused my own fainting spell?” She does know that she never wants to experience a repeat of that episode. “Should I trust Crispin as much as I think I do?” she begins to question.

“Oh stop it Lyla,” she says aloud. Smokey hears her talking and comes running after her answering with a dry meow. “You agree, don’t you little one?” She says as she reaches down and scoops the big feline into her arms. “I love you little girl.” She carries her cat with her to the sunroom where she lies down on the settee and Smokey snuggles in beside her. With a big yawn, Lyla closes her eyes.

“Oh wow, I’m really tired all of a sudden. Guess three hours of sleep isn’t quite enough hum Smokes?” Again Smokey replies in her dry raspy voice as she curls up next to Lyla. Soon, both are fast asleep in the quiet house and Lyla begins to dream.

Excerpt 344

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 343) Time Goes On

Lyla continues to walk through the store and gather all ingredients to complete the meal. Once she has everything paid for, she steps out onto the sidewalk and glances up the street to Penny’s bakery shop. It is still open for business but she has not been inside since Penny’s demise. The main baker and store manager purchased it from Penny’s estate and all staff members that worked for her are still there today. It is as busy as ever as if nothing happened to alter its existence.

“Time goes on and the living continue living.” She says to herself as she turns the other way to walk home. Passing by the art shop, she peeks in the window at the dark gallery. It looks rather spooky with pale faces peering out from the canvas and little knickknacks setting about as if frozen where they sit. “It will be good to get you home, Marcus. This place needs you.” She whispers.

Once she gets everything home and properly placed in the kitchen, she works on prepping dinner and first on the agenda are the steaks. She marinades them in sauce and seasoning, wraps potatoes in foil for cooking, and prepares the grill by scrubbing the grate and piling in charcoal. Once Crispin arrives, all she will need to do is strike a match, prepare a salad, and enjoy his company while the steaks cook to the proper temperature.

As she heads out the back entry from the kitchen, she stops to look at the little cabinet door that seems to cause her so much anxiety. Pulling it open, she pokes her head inside and looks up at the tunneling shaft that extends up two floors to the attic.

Excerpt 343

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 342) He Heard Her

As Lyla was walking to the grocery store, she decided on what to do about dinner tonight with Crispin. She remembers the remarkable meal he had prepared for her months earlier and would like to top that if it is even possible. She recalls he had help, but she still feels she can prove to be competitive.

“Yeah, that’s right. I remember an older man prepared the meal.” She says to herself as she looks at the various cuts of meat in the display case.

“What’s that you said?” asks the employee behind the counter. He is a large man, with shiny thick black hair and a kind round face. He puts his arms up on the glass case and leans toward her as he strikes up a conversation. “Oh, I was. . . I was wondering what you would consider to be a fantastic meal?” she quickly states now embarrassed that he heard her talking to herself. “Who ya feeding?” he asks. “It will be dinner for two.” She grins.

“Well, I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy, so if you were feeding me I’d want a nice choice cut T-bone steak,” He pulls two out of the display, “with a fat baked potato.” He pauses for a minute, “and Texas toast, maybe a salad too.” The man smiles wide as if proud of himself and now possibly even a little hungry.

“You know, that does sound pretty good. I’ll take it!” Lyla grins as the man wraps the meat up and sticks the price tag on it.

Excerpt 342

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 341) Their Exit

Destry follows Marcus but hesitates before closing the door behind them. Looking at the pain in Destry’s eyes, Marcus wants to turn around, march into the kitchen and punch Quinn in his smug face. However, he knows this is the wrong approach but it is a very tempting thought. After loading the car with their luggage, they slowly drive down the gravel road and away from the beautiful vineyard. With their flight already scheduled, there is no time to spare or deviate from their exit.

At the end of the drive, where the gravel meets the main road, all the pickers, workers, and staff members have gathered. Leading the pack is Severo and every one of them are waiving and blowing kisses to Destry as the car approaches them.

“Oh,” says Destry as she begins to cry.

“Do you want me to stop?” asks Marcus.

“No,” she says softly as she rolls the window down.

Sticking her hand out, she waves back at everyone until rounding a curve in the road and the wonderful group of people are no longer visible.

Excerpt 341

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