Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 215) Forward

As the sun begins to rise from behind the eastern mountain range, it is time for Viktor to board the bus for the airport. The sign on the factor door stays in the closed position and any workers arriving for the day have been asked to return home. With his bag across his shoulder, Viktor stands with Nadja in the darkened room full of barrels of soap and lotion.

“I’m proud of you.” Viktor whispers in Nadja’s ear as he gives her a hug, she does not reply. “I wish I could stay, I would, if you wanted me to.” He says while looking into her eyes.

“I need to learn to be alone.” Nadja says as she looks down and backs away a step.

“Wrecked again.” Viktor says, trying to get her to smile, and she does.

“Thank you, for everything Viktor.” She smiles as she leans up and kisses his cheek. “Somehow, I think you gave me a little bit more strength.”

“Well I like to share, what can I say?” He grins. “I have to go or I’ll mess up the entire trip but if you want me to stay. . .”

Nadja places her finger across his lips to shush his words and he nods his head yes.

“I understand.” He says softly. “Bye Nadja, I’ll see you in my dreams.”

The bus ride seems like a long drawn out nightmare smelling of old leather, oil and odd vibrations from the road. Looking out the window Viktor holds back his own tears as he watches the small village, this place of nightly trips, disappear from view as the road curves around a forest. Again, he wonders why. What was this for? What did he gain other than an adventure during his vacation that was more exciting than playing video games all day or listening to his neighbors slam their apartment doors.

“What a waste of time.” He mumbles as he reaches into his pocket for his phone. “And I lost my damn phone!” He grumbles as the last two night’s lack of sleep begins to catch up with him.

He feels empty, alone and frustrated with himself. The time spent with Nadja was interesting and fun, and they understood each other well, as if they had been friends for years. Now his heart aches for the friendship lost. He feels the distance and travel time between them will eat away at any connection they may have. Leaning his head back to rest between the window and the seat, he begins to drift in and out of a dream.

“Courage.” A woman’s voice says softly.

“Excuse me?” Viktor questions as he steps out from a grove of trees into the sunlight.

“She showed a lot of courage. Don’t you think?” Josephine says with a smile as her hair glistens with sunshine.

“Yes, it took a lot to do that, shooting Aaron I mean.” Viktor says. “That is what we are talking about, yes? You know, I do wonder where she got the gun.”

“It was mine, I taught her how to use it.” Carl says as he takes hold of Josephine’s hand and pats Viktor on the back with the other. “I really like you.” Carl grins.

“You are together, this is wonderful!” Viktor says with true emotion.

This encounter fascinates him, if it is true. Are these two soul mates really truly together forever as they wished to be? Is the afterlife simply another step, another level of existence?

“I do not understand why I was involved, I did nothing and I’m walking away empty-handed.” Viktor says as Josephine places her hand on his cheek. “You did more than you think my dear. You are a fascinating man who has yet to realize his own potential. Keep moving forward for around every turn is a new realization.”


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