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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 82) Move Along

Lyla stops for a second and the thought of going inside the restaurant to see who he is comes across her mind. She has never done anything like that before and is not sure why she feels compelled to do so now. However, when he looked at her, he acted as if he recognized her but did not want to speak. Is she simply reading more into everything than she should?

Just as she makes up her mind to enter the restaurant, a grouping of young men gather at the door. They are talking loudly and laughing as they step outside. Together and off key, they start singing a song as they meander toward the sidewalk. Clearly, they have been drinking heavily and Lyla decides to move along before she inadvertently becomes included in the exhibition that is surely getting ready to play out.

Once in the hotel lobby, she picks up a snack from the concession area and goes directly to the elevator where an elderly woman is waiting for the doors to open. Quietly, Lyla stands with her as they watch the numbers and lights change indicating the lift is descending from the top floor. With just two floors left, the round plump woman turns to Lyla.

Excerpt 82

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 81) Quickly Retreat

Since the collar of his coat was covering most of his face, Lyla is not even sure if she would recognize the man if he came right up and introduced himself. However, his eyes, she would remember those eyes. They seemed almost magical.

Out of her peripheral vision, she sees what appears to be a man standing near the lamppost to her right. Quickly turning to face him, she finds no one is there. This bothers her a bit, partly because she was hoping for another encounter, and because she is now questioning her reactions.

Why, after she practically ran back to her room last night, would she want to repeat the incident? Realizing she is completely alone on the street, she actually feels very relieved no one is there and decides it is best to go back to her room for the night.

Walking toward the hotel, she passes by the outdoor café where she had dinner. As she looks over to see if the two couples are still there, her eyes divert to a man stepping out of the restaurants doorway. He looks a little familiar to her, or does he? She is not sure. Is he possibly the man she was hoping to see again? He appears to glance up and then quickly retreat into the building.

Excerpt 81

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 80) She Wonders

As Lyla approaches the window to the store, she sees that the entire display is truly as beautiful as she remembered it to be. The flickering lights and colorful arrangements are cheerful and inviting. It makes her feel like a little kid looking in a window during the holiday season but she refrains from pressing her nose up against the glass.

Glancing deeper into the shop, she sees several stained glass lamps glowing beautifully in every color imaginable. Again, she focuses on the one, which appears to be a close match to the chandelier that hangs in her foyer.

“Hum, I may have to make a purchase tomorrow when the shop opens. That lamp would look great sitting on the table of the first floor hallway.” She says to herself as she steps back from the window and looks in the direction of the hotel.

For a second she pauses as she thinks about the incident from the night before. She has tried all day long to get that interesting man out of her mind, but here she is, standing in the exact same spot. Is she doing this with the possibility of recreating the event? Deep down is she hoping he walks this path often and will show up again tonight? How would she react if he did pass by, then she wonders. . . how should she react?

Excerpt 80

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 79) Acting Like Mirrors

Lyla cannot help but grin at how the elderly couple is talking to one another and to anyone that happens to strike up a conversation with them. The entire outdoor patrons focus is on the mature lovers. It seems the group enjoys the funny exchanges the couple has with those who wish to speak up.

They are both round and portly and seem to be completely content in their old age. Lyla notices that the man has a bit of sauce dripping from his chin and his wife lovingly dabs it off with her napkin. As the round little woman leans in he sneaks a peck of a kiss and they look in each other’s eyes before rubbing their noses together and pulling back with a laugh.

Unbeknownst to Lyla, Crispin and Quinn are just a few feet away as they continue to be consumed by their discussion about her. For almost the entire time, Crispin’s eyes have been locked in her direction. He sees her smiling at the two very different couples and finds himself to be jealous of their displays of affection.

Once Lyla finishes her meal and pays the check, she decides to visit the little shop of stained glass items that she found so intriguing a day ago. Remembering that it was only one block from the hotel, she puts her phone and credit card neatly in her purse and places her napkin on the table.

Crispin leans closer to the window as he watches Lyla get up from where she is sitting. With the glass of the windows acting like mirrors, she looks up, only inches from Crispin, not realizing she looked him in the eye. Carefully walking between the crowded tables, she steps out of the eatery onto the now empty sidewalk.

Excerpt 79

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 78) Watching People

“You are letting your emotions sway your judgment.” Quinn states boldly. “And that is not something you should ever allow.” He raises his hand to the bartender for another round of drinks. “Maybe I am, is that so wrong?” questions Crispin as he takes a sip of his drink? “Is it?”

The waiter places Lyla’s order on the table in front of her and she begins to eat. Since watching people in everyday life has always been a fun pastime for her, she tunes into the various conversations and comments around her. There is a newlywed couple two tables away. They appear to be in their early thirties and are flirty and fun as they discuss their future and the various places they have visited while here on their honeymoon. The man is of medium build with dark curly hair much like Marcus’ haphazard style. The woman is thin with strawberry blond hair that she has braided and wrapped around letting it hang on one side of her neck. As they talk, they touch each other, hold hands, and sneak in a little kiss here and there.

Then to contradict this pair, the next table over from Lyla in the other direction is an elderly couple, who have apparently been coming to this restaurant once a week for the past thirty years. The owners have greeted them, shared a few jokes and several members of the wait staff have passed by asking why they are not sitting in their section for service. This twosome is loud in their old age now that their hearing is failing, but they have fantastic cute actions and remarks.

Excerpt 78

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 77) Let It Go

“I must advise that you do not attempt to pursue her.” Quinn states in an almost demanding tone. “Nothing good can come from this.” He says as he too looks out the window but angrily turns back at Crispin. “I appreciate your concern, Quinn.” says Crispin without elaborating. He looks around the dark and crowded room, glances quickly over at Lyla, and then to his drink.

“What did you discover at the vineyard today?” asks Quinn as he places his drink down on a round cork coaster. “I discovered that our dear friend Marcus Olwen is with Mrs. Valente’s granddaughter, Destry.” says Crispin in a low tone as he taps his fingers on the side of his drinking glass in a very annoyed manner. “What?” questions Quinn. “He is here and involved in this as well?”

“Yes and Destry Boucher is indeed talking with the family to contest the sale. I listened in on a phone conversation she had shortly after arriving at the vineyard. We will need to move quickly on this for everything to play out correctly.” says Crispin. “Or. . .”

“Or what?” asks Quinn as he squints his eyes. “Or we let it go.” continues Crispin as he looks out the window again at Lyla. “Let it go?” says Quinn in a raised voice. “Yes!” replies Crispin in a growling tone as he glares at Quinn. “We can just let it go.” He then grits his teeth as he looks around the room to make sure no one heard the outburst. Quinn leans in closer to Crispin.

“We have worked far too long and hard to just let it go.” States Quinn in a low grumble so only Crispin can hear. “You are losing site of the goal.” Quinn softly pounds the table with his fist while glaring at Crispin. There is a long pause to their conversation as Crispin stares down at his drink.

Excerpt 77

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 76) Near A Window

“Hello Quinn, I’m Lyla and it’s nice to meet you.” She says as she places her hand in his for a short handshake. “Well, I must be going, thank you again for your kindness and understanding and I do apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused.” Quinn says as he nods in her direction and backs away from the table.

Lyla looks back at her menu as Quinn walks inside the dark restaurant where he takes a seat at a booth near a window. This is actually the very window that is directly behind the table where Lyla is sitting. Quinn orders two drinks and is joined soon thereafter by Crispin.

“I did as you asked, Sir.” Says Quinn calmly as he slides one drink over to Crispin. “She did not recognize my face or my name.” he pauses for a moment as he watches Crispin for a reaction. Crispin’s focus is on Lyla who is merely two feet on the other side of the window.

Excerpt 76

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The Eyes OF A Fetch (Excerpt 75) Small Spill

Other than noticing the candles and the amount of people, Lyla is not paying much attention to her surroundings or the conversations taking place. She is seriously studying the vast array of food to choose from when a man bumps into her table causing her drink to tip. A very small amount spills out onto the yellow tablecloth.   

“Oh dear, I am so sorry,” says the man as he picks up a napkin from an adjacent table and begins to soak up the liquid. “It’s alright,” says Lyla as she laughs. “It’s a bit crowded out here. The evening is so pretty I think everyone wants to sit outside.” The man continues to dab at the mess. “It was bound to happen sooner than later, so please do not worry about it.” continues Lyla as she places her hand on his so he will stop fussing over the small spill.

“That is very gracious of you, Ma’am, thank you.” states the man with an Irish accent. He lays the napkin down. “Oh, you’re Irish?” quizzes Lyla excitedly as she looks up at the man and smiles. “Yes, yes I am.” He replies without divulging any more details. “Why do you ask?”

“I um. . . wow, I don’t know.” She says as she looks down for a second a bit confused at her own statement. “I guess I just recognize the accent for some reason.” She pauses for a moment still contemplating why this matters. “You know, I’m not really sure.” She continues as she laughs at herself. “By the way, my name is Quinn. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” he says calmly as he extends his hand.  

Excerpt 75

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 74) Corner Table

The day has gone well for Lyla and with the evening hours approaching, she arrives back at the hotel. She spent the day acting like a true tourist by taking many photos and picking up flyers from every location she visited. Feeling rather tired but hungry as well, she knows just the place to go for a relaxing meal. There is an outdoor restaurant near the hotel and after freshening up a bit, she heads in that direction.

The restaurant is in an older building, which has an iron fence at the front creating an outdoor eating area. Looking from the outside in, the windows are very dark almost mirror like and inside the restaurant the ambient lighting is very low. With this being a warm spring day, Lyla wishes to enjoy the evening as much as possible and looks around for a place to sit outdoors.

Spotting a small corner table, she takes a seat and begins to go over the many selections on the menu as she searches for the perfect meal. Each table has a little candle sitting in the center emitting a soft glow and the area begins to fill up fast with hungry patrons.

Excerpt 74

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 73) Give You A Hug

“Who are you talking to?” Destry asks as she comes down the stairs from the second floor. “Severo, he was just leaving.” replies Marcus in a nonchalant manner. “What?” asks Destry with a very surprised tone to her voice. “Yeah, Severo came down the stairs and said he was just now leaving. Didn’t you talk to him?” quizzes Marcus. “No, I heard someone outside my door but I thought it was you.” She says puzzled. “Plus, I watched him leave about twenty minutes ago!”  

“Well, I thought he had left earlier too but, hum, maybe he forgot something. But I could have sworn just now he said he talked to you.” Says Marcus as another notification comes in from Lyla. “Well that’s very odd.” Says Destry as she watches Marcus. “Who are you texting?”

“I sent Lyla a message to let her know we arrived safely and that we plan to spend the night,” he explains. “She said to give you a hug for her.” He looks at Destry and opens his arms as he moves in her direction. She steps off the last step, grins, and walks over to Marcus with open arms. They hold each other quietly.

Excerpt 73

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 72) Suspicious

“Hum, that’s odd, I thought he went into town for supplies.” says Marcus to himself as he decides to follow. “Maybe he had a problem with his truck or forgot something.”

Marcus steps into the house about five minutes after Severo who is now coming down the stairs heading for the front door. He looks over at Marcus but does not say a word. “Hey Severo, is everything okay?” Marcus asks very suspicious of his actions. As Marcus walks closer to the large man, something strikes him funny, things just do not seem right. He does not back down as he moves in closer, but Severo heads for the front door and now has his back to Marcus.

“Oh yes, everything is fine.” States Severo as he places his hand on the door handle. “I had a question for Destry.” He replies without turning around. The odd reaction makes Marcus even more apprehensive. “Well you sure must be fast to be back from town already.” says Marcus as he steps closer.

Severo begins to turn around when a text notification comes through on Marcus’ phone, distracting him from the conversation. “I’m just now leaving.” Severo says in a low tone as he opens the door and walks out. Looking up Marcus says “Oh, alright. See you in a little bit then.”

Excerpt 72

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 71) Looking At Him

Gravel is popping as Marcus watches Severo drive an old blue truck down the narrow dusty lane that winds its way through the vast acreage of grapevines. Even though he is driving rather slowly, the truck tires are kicking up a dust cloud that trails along behind him.

After unpacking the few things that he brought along, Marcus goes downstairs and steps outside to look around at the beautiful and inspiring setting. He heads off down a path where he sketches a small scene in a tiny notebook that he always keeps in his pocket for such occasions. When he is inspired, he can quickly jot down his thoughts, or in this case an image, for more detailed work later on.

While he is alone, he decides to send Lyla a text message explaining they arrived safely and they plan to stay the night. During the ride to the vineyard, Destry explained that funerals in Spain are scheduled and implemented quickly, she expects it to be set for tomorrow. He also mentions this in his message to Lyla.

As Marcus waits for Lyla’s reply, he sees Severo walking up the path toward the back of the main house. Surprised that the two-hour shopping trip only took a matter of minutes, he tries to wave Severo down. The elderly fellow acts as if he does not see Marcus, even though it seemed like he was looking right at him.

Excerpt 71

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 70) Very Quiet

Still standing near the sink, Destry turns and looks out at the vineyard through the open window. There is an eerie silence in the air. Even with the window open, the kitchen seems so very quiet. No birds are singing and the breeze is not blowing the delicate wind chimes hanging just outside the door.

After several minutes, Severo offers to show Marcus and Destry to their rooms so they can freshen up and make the necessary arrangements for the funeral. He explains that he must go into town for supplies and will return in a couple of hours. Destry starts making calls immediately as Marcus takes his things to his room.

The bedroom is nothing special or grand but it has a charming quality to it. Recessed shelves line two of the walls and are stuffed full of neatly placed books and trinkets. An old quilt drapes the foot of the small bed and antique lace curtains hang at the window. Stepping across the room to place his bag on the dresser, Marcus looks out the window to inspect the view.

Excerpt 70

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 69) Her Thoughts

“It’s okay, Severo. I know you cared for her and protected her. We all know how much she meant to you. Please do not take it so hard. I know you did everything in your power to protect her.” Says Destry as she tries to calm Severo. She looks at Marcus with teary eyes and mouths the words, I’m sorry. Marcus nods and smiles slightly hoping she understands that it is all okay.

“Now that the property is sold, I do not know what will become of everyone,” says Severo sadly. “What happened? Why did she decide to do this? Had she talked to you?” he questions as he turns in his chair to face her. Destry leans back against the sink as she looks down for a moment trying to collect her thoughts.

“I didn’t know of anything until just recently, mostly in the past three days. She had been calling and she talked about selling out, but I begged her not to. The family knew she was becoming confused but we thought we had time to get her some help.” Destry says as she looks down at the table.

“I should have done more.” She says as she looks at Marcus and then directs her attention back to Severo. “I will be talking with my family today to see if we can reverse the sale due to her mental state. Maybe if we band together we can claim what is ours and continue to fulfill Grandmother’s dream.”

Excerpt 69

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 68) Lost

“I promise you, Destry, I never told her to sell, I have been against it from the start! She was so confused and I tried to stay with her at all times. Yesterday, I stepped away to assist one of the workers and was gone for only a minute, I swear it was only a minute!” Severo says loudly as he wipes his hand across the back of his neck. “When I returned, she was gone!” He begins to cry and sweat beads up on his forehead as he fiddles with his hat, which he is now holding on his lap.

Destry stands up and puts her arms around him trying to comfort him the best she can. She looks over at Marcus as tears fill her eyes and she has an expression of being lost, as if she does not know what to do. Severo lifts his arm up touching Destry’s shoulder while he continues to talk.

 “I panicked and didn’t know what to do. She was missing Destry!” Severo slows his breathing. “We searched for most of the afternoon and just as the sun was setting we found her out in the southern rows.” He pauses as he looks down at the table. “She was laying there as if she simply curled up and fell asleep.” Severo shakes his head back and forth in disbelief. “She looked peaceful, she just. . .” and his voice trails off.

Excerpt 68

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 67) Severo

“Oh Severo, what happened?” Destry asks as she holds onto him. “I tried to stay with her at all times, Destry.” Severo says with angst in his voice. He is breathing heavy and is very upset. “I should have never stepped away for those few minutes!” His face is flush as he removes his hat and wipes his forehead with a handkerchief. He then slips it back on and adjusts the brim.

Destry introduces Marcus to Severo; he is the manager of the vineyard and was her Grandmothers best friend. Severo takes off his hat again and shakes hands with Marcus, then proceeds to take them into the house where they sit at the kitchen table.

He begins to explain how in the last two weeks Arrosa’s demeanor changed dramatically and she became terribly short tempered which was very unlike her. He states that she kept accusing him of pushing her to sell and bringing up conversations they never had. One minute she would do and say one thing, while seconds later the complete opposite. He shares that it was as if she were two very different people.

Excerpt 67

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 66) Quickly Approaches

“Sometimes when my family and I would come to visit during harvest time, we would find Grandmother out here with the pickers. She would wave and come running up to the car to greet us. She usually ended up walking along side the car, chatting away as we drove up to the house.” Destry has a huge smile on her face but she looks out again at the fields, and her smile slowly begins to fade.

“I’m so sorry, Destry.” states Marcus. “I wish I knew what to say or do, but I don’t.” he says honestly. “It is okay; I’m actually the one that should be apologizing though. I shouldn’t have dragged you out here.” She replies. “This is a remarkable time in your life and you’re not enjoying it as you should.”

“I want to be here for you.” Says Marcus as he reaches out and tenderly holds her hand in his. “Oh, Destry!” says a rather large man as he quickly approaches the car startling Marcus out of his concentrated state of mind. The man is very tall and wide and looks quite the part in tan pants, cream colored shirt, red suspenders, and a basket weave wide brimmed hat. Destry pulls up to the front door of her Grandmother’s house and shuts the car off. She quickly exits and runs up to hug this big man.  

Excerpt 66
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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 65) Narrow Lane

With Marcus and Destry gone for the day, Lyla starts thinking of how she will spend her time. She lies there in the water for a while longer then decides to rinse off and get dressed. Her goal is to be busy so she will not have time to think about the mysterious yet oddly familiar stranger she passed on the street last night.

She sits on the bed and looks through the hotel travel guide as she reviews the many attractions available to her while in Madrid. She orders room service and once it arrives, takes her breakfast with her to the balcony to watch the activities of the street below. The sun is bright and the area has become cluttered with people and vehicles moving about in all directions.

As the noon hour approaches, Marcus and Destry turn off the main road onto a narrow lane that leads to the vineyard of Destry’s Grandmother. The driveway consists of two ruts of gravel that crunches and pops under the tires and weight of the car. Driving slowly, they look out at the rows of dormant grapevines that seem to go on for miles. The perfect straight lines top the hills and flow down the other side out of sight.  

Excerpt 65

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 64) Sad Situation

Back at the hotel, enjoying her soak in the tub, Lyla closes her eyes. Gently rubbing the bath sponge over her body, she becomes more and more relaxed. She purposely left her balcony door open so she could listen to the city as it comes to life and now many sounds begin to fill the air.

Thinking of Marcus and his new success, she smiles. While leaving the art gallery last night, it was thrilling to hear all the wonderful things people were saying in relation to his work. She almost laughs aloud as she remembers how nervous he was in meeting Destry in person. Lyla herself has always loved his boyish charm and believes this too hooked Destry straight away.   

Her thoughts now drift to Destry and the sad situation of losing her Grandmother. It is so strange how the world works. Wonderful things are happening for one person while another is experiencing pain and heartbreak. Marcus is enjoying the greatest joy he has ever known, while Destry crushes under the weight of losing someone she loves dearly.

It is extremely odd how things can get so jumbled and turbulent so quickly. Split second decisions and actions can cause change so very rapidly that you are left feeling numb. She is sure this is Destry’s state of mind at this moment.     

Excerpt 64

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 63) Possible Heirs

“Good morning, Sir,” says Quinn as Crispin enters the room. “Breakfast will be ready in a moment.” His tone is normal and he does not act as if he is upset from the events of the prior evening. “Good morning, Quinn. I want to apologize for being short with you last night,” says Crispin without hesitation. He pours two glasses of orange juice setting one on the counter next to Quinn and taking the other with him to the table. “Thank you and I accept your apology.” Quinn replies without adding any further comment.

Crispin sits at the small table in the kitchen staring at his glass of juice. With his fingers, he slowly spins it around, trying to keep it on the wet ring that it is creating on the surface of the tabletop. Small bits of pulp float right and left in the glass as the contents respond to the twirling motion. Quinn is a wonderful cook and within minutes, he sets perfectly prepared eggs, muffins, and ham on the table as he joins Crispin for breakfast.

The conversation at this time is limited to the Valente vineyard. Of which less than twenty-four hours ago became the property of Duff Industries. Destry’s name comes up as they discuss the possible heirs that may decide to challenge the purchase. They also talk about what must happen if this comes into play. If push comes to shove, Destry may have to meet a fate much like that of her Grandmother.

It does not take long for both men to eat their first meal of the day and as soon as they finish up, Quinn starts to clear the table. “We have a busy schedule ahead of us.” He says as he takes the plates over to the sink and begins to rinse them off with hot water. “Yes, we do indeed.” States Crispin as he gets up from the table and quietly leaves the room.  

Excerpt 63

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 62) Relaxing Start

With her schedule now even more open than before, Lyla decides to take a long bath before jumping into any activities. She turns on the warm water and adds a sweet scented soap for bubbles. While the tub is filling, she picks out the clothes she wishes to wear and neatly lays them on the bed.

Now that the bathtub is full, she turns off the spout, hangs her robe on the door and steps in. As she lies back in the warm sudsy water, steam rises up causing her face to flush to a delicate rosy pink color. This is exactly what she needed, a nice slow and relaxing start to the day.  

The sun is starting to rise as Quinn enters the living room of the dwelling where he and Crispin have been staying. He sees that Crispin is still asleep on the dark leather sofa as he silently walks past. Going directly to the kitchen, he begins to prepare breakfast, being careful to go about his business as quietly as possible. Shortly after he starts to cook, Crispin joins him.

Excerpt 62

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 61) Arrangements

“Hello?” Lyla says softly as she answers the phone. “Hi Lyla its Marcus, I’m sorry if I woke you.” He says quietly. “Oh don’t worry; I’ve been up for a while now.” She sits on the bed. “What’s on your schedule today?” she asks happily. “Destry’s Grandmother sold the vineyard yesterday morning and then sometime during the day she passed away.” says Marcus. “They didn’t find her body until late in the evening.”

“Oh my God, that’s awful,” says Lyla with much concern. “When was Destry notified?”

“She received a call just as we locked up the exhibit for the night, I’m with her now, and she’s finally sleeping. I feel so bad,” continues Marcus. “Just let me know what I can do, if anything. What about your exhibit?” She asks. “The beginning part that needed my attendance was last night, now it’s simply open to the public for the next two days before we have to break it down and move to the next city.” explains Marcus. “I just wanted to let you know I’m going to stay with Destry. I will probably go with her to the vineyard to help with funeral arrangements. I think it is a three-hour drive one-way so I might be gone for a night or two. Are you okay with that?”

“Yes Marcus, you do what you need to do. Just let me know if you need anything from me, okay?” says Lyla honestly. “Alright, I’ll stay in touch,” replies Marcus. “I’m sorry to leave you stranded like this.”

“I’ll be fine, no worries, alright? Tell Destry I am sorry for her loss. I Love you, Marcus.” States Lyla as she looks down at her bare feet. “Love you too.” He replies quickly and they both hang up ending the call.

Excerpt 61

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 60) Early Morning Air

All night long Lyla has been tossing and turning. She is very restless and cannot get comfortable as she rolls from her side to her back and to her side again. She cannot shake the image of the man she bumped into on the sidewalk. Laying there, facing up, she looks at the white plaster ceiling and its swirling intertwined design. Frantically searching through the tangled memories of her mind, she tries to recall the events that led up to the night of the tornado.

“Why can’t I remember?” she whispers to herself as she glances over at the night table. “Five O’clock. I might as well get up, it’s not like I’m getting any sleep anyway.” She sits up in bed and looks over at the balcony doors. Standing up she pulls her robe on and heads in that direction. Brushing aside the many layers of sheer curtains, she steps out into the chilly early morning air. Instantly she feels a sense of peace as she curls up on the little chair and tips her head back.

Looking up at the stars overhead she remembers peering through the damaged roof of her house shortly after the severe weather passed. She clearly recalls that moment and how strange she felt when she saw stars instead of storm clouds after the destruction. It all seemed very odd and she wishes she could remember more. Her phone rings in her room and she goes to answer it.

Excerpt 60

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 59) In His Arms

Softly, Lyla runs her hand across Crispin’s cheek and then in one fluid motion, lifts the blanket. Lying down facing him, she pulls the cover around them both as he draws her into a gentle embrace. Neither Lyla nor Crispin say a word as they hold tight and look into each other’s eyes.

He can smell the sweet scent of her perfume as she reaches up. With a light touch, she very gently runs her fingers across his brow and down the side of his face. Closing her eyes, she lies there next to him content and at ease in his arms. Her fingers glide along his jaw to his ear as if she is trying to read his features with her hands. She leans in and they kiss.  

Warm and intense joy comes over Crispin as his lips meet hers. He has longed for this reunion but months ago had given up on the chance that it might ever happen. Yet, she is here, in his arms and he could not be happier. As he opens his eyes to look at the woman he thought he lost, he is shocked back to reality. There is no flame in the fireplace or the sweet scent of perfume in the air. Instead, the room is dark, empty, cold and lifeless. Crispin lies there alone as he looks down at his empty arms.

Frustrated and angry at this hurtful illusion he punches at the pillow and lays his head back down. Pulling on the blanket, he wraps it up around his shoulders to warm himself from this frigid intensity of loss. Staring out at the vacant room, he realizes this was nothing more than a cruel hallucination. As he closes his eyes once again in an attempt to sleep his grief away, a tear slowly trickles down his cheek.

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