Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 6) Thoughts

Any other person would question how a note from a deceased family member could end up on a table for the right individual to read. However, this is not even questionable to Nadja for her aunt was very in tune with the world around her. She experienced vivid dreams and flashes of images that she said foretold the future and explained current events. Obviously, she knew she would be passing. The little house is tidy and clean and as Nadja leans back to look in at the guest bedroom, the bed sheets have been folded down at an angle just as her aunt would do for her each night before saying goodnight.

Nadja’s small journal sits upon the white lace trimmed pillow as if patiently waiting for her to make an entry. This was a ritual her aunt insisted she complete each and every night here at the cottage. She explained it was a way to wash away the day and it served as a tool to remember dreams through the night.

“If you dream and awaken, write it down, do not roll over and go to sleep. Your subconscious is telling you something and you must not forget it, so use your journal to cleanse the day and to never forget the night.” She remembers her aunt telling her when she gave her the very first empty book at the age of seven.

It was pale blue with cream-colored pages. Attached at the top was a thin ribbon, mint green in color and it served as the page marker. Nadja remembers the smell of the paper and the crackling sound the binding made as she opened the journal to place her first thoughts there.

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