Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 18) Advice

It was raining in Nadja’s dream and when she first heard the footsteps, it sounded as if the man was running. Was he chasing her? Did he even see her? What is it her subconscious was trying to tell her when he pulled his hood up, is he hiding something? More disturbing yet, who pulled her back into the shadows of the buildings when she was ready to follow him? The thought of being tracked by someone Aaron has in place causes her to shiver.

A few months back, when Nadja joined the large group of individuals who blog about dreams, she was seeking answers. Many of the people ask for clarification to their night wanderings while others offer advice on what the dream could possibly mean. Using her phone, she begins searching through the sites dream dictionary section, which assists readers in deciphering the meanings of the various things they encounter. Hundreds of miles away from this secluded cottage, a young man finds himself doing very much the same.

Viktor is not much older than Nadja. He has dark brown hair and his eyes match this tint perfectly. His neatly trimmed beard makes him appear ten years older than his actual age, but this does not seem to bother him. He likes the fact that others mistake him for a more mature self.

Unfortunately, he is not at all in a good place in life. He is unsure of the direction he is to go on his career path and his employer’s appreciation falls very short in comparison to what he gives to them of himself and his time. In fact, he has now surpassed the burn-out stage and is completely bored with his position. All interest has been lost and he no longer strives for perfection for it has not taken him any further than the slackers and misfits around him.

Ex 18

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