The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 83) Her Floor

“Beautiful night out, isn’t it?” says the older woman in a happy tone. Her thick white hair piled on her head seems to glow in the bright lights of the lobby. “Yes, it’s fantastic,” replies Lyla. “I wish I knew my way around the city so I could enjoy it a little more though.”

“How long are you planning to stay?” the woman asks as she looks back at the elevator door and adjusts her footing. “I’m supposed to be here in Madrid another day or two, then two more cities in the next week.” Replies Lyla. “My friend Marcus is an artist and his work is on display here, I’m just tagging along for moral support.” She says as she looks back at the numbers. The three lights up indicating it is passing the third floor and Lyla cannot help but feel the elevator is moving extremely slow tonight. “Well that’s very nice of you.” replies the little woman.

The elevator door finally opens and both women step in and Lyla waits for the elderly woman to pick her floor. They stand there for a moment then the older woman opens her purse and starts looking for something. “What floor are you on?” asks Lyla. She punches the fourth floor for herself. Still looking in her purse the older woman pulls out a piece of paper and glances at the buttons. “Looks like I’m on the fourth floor as well.” She says as she immediately tucks the paper back in her purse. “It’s awful getting old, you start to forget things.” She says with a smile.

Excerpt 83

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