The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 288) Impending

Just as Lyla secures the entry to the sunroom, there is a knock at the front door. Turning toward the sound, she sticks the note in her pocket. Smokey jumps down from the settee where she had been sleeping and scurries out of the room and down the empty hallway.

“Hum, I wonder who that could be.” With flowers in hand, Lyla leaves the darkening sunroom and heads to the front door. With a storm brewing, the house is getting darker and darker by the minute. “Well I know it’s not Marnie.” She says to herself as she peeks out the window to see a man standing on the porch. His back is facing her as he looks out at the yard and the impending rainstorm. “No, definitely not Marnie, it looks more like a sales pitch,” She opens the door, fully prepared to ask the man to leave but when he turns to face her, she is instantly paralyzed where she stands.

“Hello, Lyla.” says Crispin.

Excerpt 288

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