The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 389) I’m So Sorry

“Lyla. . . I was so desperate.” Crispin pauses. “I knew my time was being cut short that night. Quinn was ordering me back to Ireland. I was becoming too involved with you as a person instead of keeping our relationship strictly as a business matter.” Crispin looks out again at the garden. “I don’t know if it was because he felt threatened or if he thought our lives would change. I was directed to end our association and block your memory or convince you to come with me, but I could not do either.” He glances over at the small pantry door. “So I thought if I could get you to a controlled state, as if hypnotized, I could bring you with me. Then do my damndest to convince you that we were meant for each other.” Lyla looks at him without much expression and Crispin is not sure how she is feeling about his honesty.

“I remember seeing tears in your eyes.” She says as she continues to stand several feet away from him.

“Yes, you’re right. What I was doing, well. . . it was killing me inside. It was my last resort but Quinn caught on and that is when the storm developed as a diversion. It was his way of controlling me. He was a master at generating specific situations.” Standing very still and thinking Lyla may ask him to leave, Crispin looks into her eyes. “What I had to do and the way it was making you feel. . . I’m so sorry, about everything.” He becomes silent and the expression on his face is of trepidation.

Lyla does not say a word as she steps toward him. Reaching out, she touches his arm softly and they both fall into an embrace that takes them to a long passionate kiss.

Excerpt 389

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