Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 10) Self-esteem

“You are nothing without me!” She can hear him saying repeatedly. “I can have any woman I want and you should be proud that you are with me!” He says in a stern way as he grabs her by the wrist. “And another thing, you will never leave me, I will not allow you to embarrass me in such a way, so I suggest you get used to the way things are!”

Nadja cannot remove the image of him glaring at her nor can she dismiss his arrogance. With her eyes closed, she frowns as her memories play out. Yes, he is very handsome and in a prestigious position with his employer, but the demands he places on her is unbearable. He wants her to worship him like a god, there is no other way to say it, but the torment he puts her though in public has embarrassed her numerous times. So many demeaning moments have been displayed in front of his family, friends, and coworkers that she nearly has an anxiety attack at the onset of any gathering.

When she first fell in love with Aaron, he was everything to her and she did all she could to please him. She freely wanted to make him happy in every way, she felt it was her duty.  It was never enough though and his bitter side began to show once he knew she was completely infatuated with him. He began to use her own feelings against her putting those sensitive emotions on display, mocking her actions and making jokes. She began to feel bad about herself and the more she fell into despair, the harder he pushed her down. It is Nadja’s aunt who gave her the strength to make an escape, to run from the depression, to free herself of the demands, and to focus on rebuilding her despoiled self-esteem.

Ex 10

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