Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 129) Adamant

After rounding a few corners, Viktor finds himself on a long straight section of this mountain trail. Nothing looks even close to what he saw in his dream. Just as he begins to think he somehow got off track, he sees the small ranger’s hut through the dense trees and shrubs to his left. As he approaches a clearing off to the side, he begins to recognize the area.

“Ok, ok. . . yes, this is bringing out the confidence in me.” Viktor says as he stops on the path to observe the hut for a moment. “That little thing is kind of eerie.” He says about the small structure as he glances around to see if anyone is nearby.

There is not a soul in sight, which is perfectly fine with Viktor. His only concern at the moment, is that Nadja has yet to reply to his message. He does not want to simply walk up to her private home and barge in, but he cannot stop and wait either. The closer he gets to his destination the more adamant he is to help her. As he continues to walk, the trees open up to a mountaintop view of the large lake he has been hoping to see.

“Oh wow.” Viktor says aloud. “The elderly couple said this was the main attraction and it is definitely showcasing itself now.”

He cannot help it, holding his phone up high enough to catch a photo without obstruction from the vegetation; Viktor takes several photographs of the beautiful scene. The blue color of the sky reflecting off the stillness and almost glass effect of the water is fascinating. It does not appear that anyone is fishing or boating at this mid-morning hour, at least not within view of the section Viktor can see. He steps closer to the edge where the ridge drops off to a rock ledge below and a few stones tumble over the side.

“Damn, I better watch what I’m doing.” Viktor says as he begins to step back. “Moving on!” He exclaims as if he is a wilderness explorer.

Just as he turns and steps back, loose gravel under his feet begins to fall away and there is nothing for him to grasp onto to keep from sliding with the momentum. The soil is very loose here and just as he feels he has found solid footing, over the edge he slides falling onto the massive rock below. With great force, the back of his head hits the thick gray bolder and everything around him goes dark immediately.


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