The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 90) Down The Steps

It is now nearing eleven in the morning and Lyla is on a mission to visit the shop with the stained glass items. It has been closed each time she passed by, but now she is making an effort to be there during business hours. After spending the morning on the balcony with the laptop, working on several items of interest, and checking the status of the exhibit, She decides to send Marcus a short text message before heading downstairs.

“Good morning, just checking in. You are in the news. Seems everyone loves your work! Tell Destry I am thinking of her and her family. Love you!” Lyla quickly gets dressed and decides to take the stairs down to the lobby. She opens the stairwell door and it closes behind her with a loud bang. “Oh!” she says a bit surprised. “Well that’s an effect straight out of a horror movie.” She laughs as she starts down the steps. Since her footsteps are the single sound she hears, it appears she is the only one looking for a little exercise at this time of day.

Exiting into the lobby, she finds it full of travelers checking in and out, and rushing around as they get their plans in order. She overhears two women discussing the exhibit of this newfound artist as they mark that on their list of places to visit today. Knowing the women are talking about Marcus, Lyla smiles as she walks past them and out onto the busy sidewalk.

The sun is extremely bright and with morning swiftly approaching the noon hour, it is hovering straight overhead. Lyla puts her sunglasses on as she makes her way to the stained glass shop. As soon as she steps inside the door, she slips her glasses to the top of her head and stands there in awe.

Excerpt 90

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