The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 398) Imagination

The sound of her own voice echoing off the wooden floor causes her adrenaline to soar even higher. She climbs the steps of the staircase and as she stops on the landing of the second floor, everything goes silent. She no longer hears the cries and the air appears to be lighter and not as oppressive.

“Maybe Penny really does haunt this house.” Lyla says to herself as she looks down the hall in both directions. Smokey comes running out of Lyla’s bedroom and begins to purr as she rubs herself against the railings and then Lyla’s legs. Her demeanor is normal and is not at all bothered by the sounds that are now hushed.

“Hey pretty girl, what was making that noise?” she asks as she picks her fluffy fat cat up. “That wasn’t you, was it?” Lyla questions as she hugs Smokey and carries her downstairs. She looks up at the second floor one last time before stepping into the kitchen. As she enters the room, she continues to talk to her cat.

“I’m going to meet Marcus for dinner, I think.” She sets Smokey on the floor while she prepares her bowl of wet food. “Alright, little girl, eat up and enjoy. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.” Lyla walks down the hall and out onto the veranda, locking the door behind her.

Just as she passes through the garden gate, she cannot help but look up at her bedroom window. Maybe it is her imagination or the shadow of the trees reflection, but she could have sworn someone stepped back from the pane of glass just now. She stares at the window for a few seconds longer and then looks down as she latches the gate.

Excerpt 398

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